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I am just after some advice and sorry if not applicable but I have suffered with a bad back and sciatica but combined with this I have internal tremors on a night so I struggle to sleep it's been over a year and also various muscle in my back locking up daily.

The internal tremors can't be seen or felt externally bit I feel inside mostly when I am rest or relaxing. Are these early signs of a problem I have told my doctor but he said he it was just my back that was nearly 11 months ago

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That is so painful I feel for you. I can't advise I wish I could. But the Man that can is your Doctor. That was a very unsatisfactory response you had! As a customer I urge you to go back and ask for better support. Good luck.



I also have back tremors at night it on every night but if I miss my medication for one reason or another it keeps me awake, I just get up and sleep the next night.


First thoughts:

Google "parkinsons and inner tremors" and you will see its not uncommon. Also sciatica is more common with PWP's presumably because of the tight muscles pinching nerves. Many PWP's find that gabapentin is useful for nerve pains - sciatica and other nasty little niggles that come to us just when we thought we might drop off to sleep.

You may already do yoga or tai chi both of which help with PD symptoms. Yoga is good for stretching and might therefore be good for your back. Have you ever been referred for physio? It is part of the NICE guidelines for managing PD but my subjective impression is that referral doesn't happen much.

There is also the Any Qualified Provider scheme whereby anyone can be referred by the GP to AQP registered physios , who can be private or NHS, for physio for certain conditions which include back problems. My doctor referred me when my sciatica was really getting me down but I know of someone else whose GP would not cooperate but its certainly worth a go.

When you say "its been over a year" do you mean since diagnosis with PD or a sudden onset of back problems?

Loss of sleep is very hard to cope with especially when the sleep you do get is of poor quality due to nagging pains or worse. The knock on effects can easily be assumed to be worsening PD symptoms and unnecessary increases in PD meds can be the result

so your GP ought to take more of an interest. Bursting into tears has served me well in the past on two occasions when trying to get an appointment with the GP - not intentional but sleep deprived weakness

Best wishes


Hi Again

Yes I have nearly a year with back problems and sciatica because of this I have had three steroid injections in my spine and due a decompression op in January.

Also Physio fo r 6 months I walk stretch and cycle all very lightly and this took a while to build up.

I am on Gabapentin for nerve relax and have been taking the strong Ibruprofen for the whole 11 months. I have been given Diazapan as well but not taken this yet.

But I cant help thinking there is something more I have had the internal tremors so long and reported these on all my visits to the doctor.

I have taken to the internet to look for help and my symptons point to Parkinson but I am not sure.


Tremors internal when I rest that stop when i move (no visible external)

Muscles always tight in different areas on my back

Panic attacks (ie when i need MRI scan & also on a childs ride where it was dark and i was locked in.

Through the day i am so tired but that is form only getting a few hours sleep.

Thanks for the replies I just want to find out whats going wrong with me.



Speak with your GPagain and get Physiotherapy to decompress your spine . There are also gentle exercises you can do to maintain a healthy spine.


Try the suggestions in the book "the water cure ". Also check out the website. I just started this protocol. It makes sense . Good luck!


Hi Heathyb. I had similar back problems from 1960 until 1977, when I had a disk removed from my lower back, caused by an accident. During this period I started experiencing several Parkinson's disease symptoms. I started in 1970 to overcome the back pains by going to a gym and doing exercises to strengthen my core muscles in my back. That helped me a great deal. You should see a professional to help you with this. We are not all the same.

In 1992 I was diagnosed with Pd. at which time I had been going to the gym for my back for 1 hour a day, 6 days of the week, which did nothing to help my Pd. Then in 1994 I joined a fast walking program called Run/Walk for LIFE, which helped me to overcome my Pd.

In 1998 I learned how to control my movements better by using my conscious brain instead of leaving that control to my subconscious brain, which is normal.

Since 2002 I have been able to stop taking all Pd. medication and I now live a normal life.

I don't want to bore others with my story but if you would like to know more about it then look at my website - It has a lot of information on how to deal with Pd. I am not selling any product that I claim to help deal with Pd. Just simple information!



Magnesium supplement, chiropractor, physical therapy helped.


There is a computerized treatment for decompressing. The one we used was called SpineMed. Epsom salts baths....follow directions- it is magnesium which will be absorbed thru your skin. We use 300-400mg l-theanine 4x daily to ease depression which will tighten up body. Ibuprophin is a killer. If you have to use it, get it compounded in cream form. Your compounding pharmacist can tell your dr how to prescribe it.


thanks Donzim


I was astonished to hear from everyone in the medical team that there was no such thing. The heck there's not! Finally my neuro prescribed cymbalta and it lessened the pain considerably. One other thing that's been a blessing is a hot bath with magnesium. Equal parts magnesium, salt and baking soda -- my daughter's recipe. Oh it was sooooo effective.


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