Good Morning

Good morning and happy Sunday!

I have been awake for too many hours (sleeping past 3:30/4:00 am is a challenge!) It's an unusual warm and rainy December morning here! I am enjoying one last cup of coffee while listening to the rain-- love the sound. I have plans to start work on a new thrift store treasure I picked up a few weeks ago. Give me some cast off or an ugly duckling piece of furniture, sandpaper, a drill, and some paint and I'm in heaven! Creativity is my thing. It's the most therapeutic thing I do to manage my PD.

What things have others found that helps them along on the PD journey?

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  • Good afternoon. It's warm and rainy here too, namely Wisconsin. I find a lot of things help me forget I have PD. Things like cooking and baking, yard work, great music, engrossing films. Just keeping the old mind active.

  • Raining off and on in London. I like to keep myself busy, either cleaning the flat or sweeping the car parking place for 4 cars for the flats. Havn't got a car myself I use public transport. I visit quite a few places of interest in London. Still tryingto get in and see Churchill war rooms in Whitehall, always a long queue of tourists. albert

  • I bet being able to use public transportation is nice! Where I live having a car is unfortunately essential. Sounds like you are able to keep busy-- that's my saving grace. It 's difficult when apathy sets in!

  • I just made sugar cookie cut outs and penuche fudge-- deadly amount of sugar. I enjoy baking, but cooking regularly-- not as much. Could be because my daughter is pretty picky!

  • I LOVE penuche! Could you please send me some? LOL! At least, may I have your recipe?

  • Sure! It's super easy

    1 1/2 cup light brown sugar

    1/3 cup cream or half and half (I've used evaporated milk too, but I like it best with cream)

    10 T unsalted butter

    pinch of salt

    1/2 t vanilla

    1/2 cup powdered sugar

    Prepare your pan first-- line a loaf pan or pie plate with foil and grease lightly with a bit of butter or vegetable spray.

    Add the first 4 ingredients to a heavy sauce pan. Bring to a boil and heat until reaches 240 degrees (if you don't have a candy thermometer this is the soft ball stage)

    Pour into a heat resistant bowl (I use my standing mixer because I'm lazy and don't want to whisk for 20-30 minutes) add vanilla and powdered sugar and whisk until fudge begins to cool and thicken. (I use my standing mixer and beat on low to medium speed for about 15 minutes or until the fudge is cool enough to touch and appears slightly thick) Pour into prepared pan and cool in refrigerator for about 30 minutes. When cool, remove penuche by lifting the foil from the pan. Cut the penuche into small squares. I keep it in the refrigerator. It could last for a couple weeks--but we eat it well before then!!

    So yummy!

  • Thanks so much! I doubt mine would last IF it comes out right! I'll let you know~~Merry Christmas!

  • Happy Sunday almost over, but we have been visiting with our family to celebrate our youngest granddaughter's 6th birthday, in Rossland, BC, Canada. Lots of snow in this skiing town....Red Mountain Resort......but hoping for clear roads driving home (still in BC) tomorrow. Having family around is comforting even though I realise my restrictions are on the increase.

    Am investigating medical marijuana more and more and have found some relief for better night's sleep.. Looking for the right recipe to help with back pain.......SOON!

  • Sounds like a lovely day!

    Pain and insomnia are a huge issue for pwp! I don't know if one causes the other or whether it even matters! I wake up around 3/4 am and if I can't fall back to sleep I just get up and start my day!

    I've tried mariijuana in the past and just really didn't like it. Perhaps when it's legal in Missouri I'll try it again. Maybe in a different form than smoking it--made my chest hurt!

  • The marijuana format is ingested....broken down, cooked and mixed with other therapeutic herbs, and blended with either honey or coconut milk. Very pleasant to take. Never smoked anything in my life and couldn't go that route.

  • That I could handle! Not a fan of smoking anything.

  • Hi Christy. I don't know where you live and whether you are able to do as I suggest here. The ONLY WAY any of us can do anything to make our Pd. get better is to start doing FAST WALKING. yes that is the only known and tested thing we can do to help ourselves.

    There is no known medication that can slow down or stop the progression of Pd. Yes they all have potential to help to temporarily hide some of the symptoms but to reverse them, NO!

    What do I mean by fast walking? It simply means walking as fast as YOU can! That may well be 100 yards in 1 minute or even less. So what? The big thing is to make a commitment to walk every 2nd day for however far you can walk. as fast as you can. If you are not breathing heavily at the end of 1 minute, you are not walking at your fastest. At the end of 2 weeks, add another few minutes and keep a written record of your achievements. That record will serve you very well in the future, because not only will you start to feel better but you will be astounded at how far you are able to walk and how fast you are beginning to walk.

    I have never been a lover of exercise but there is no choice in this matter. It is LIFE OR DEATH STUFF!

    Have a lovely Christmas holiday and continue to enjoy your 'Work'.


  • John, fast walking doesn't work for EVERYBODY....unfortunately! My poor balance and complications with my eye muscles don't allow for much walking, plus my right hip ceases up on me too.

  • I used to walk regularly, a lot! I miss it, but my gait has changed so that I have done damage to my hips from walking. And I've had knee surgery twice-- I'm on an elliptical now. I sometimes get crazy and use the stationary bike!!

  • H Birdworld. Yes! That goes without saying. We are all different and all have other problems to deal with. I hope you find a way of solving your problems.


  • Thanks for your input John, I'm familiar with it.

  • Cleaning! It's a meditation of sorts. When the weather is good, I also love tending my roof garden. Also, writing I find to be all-consuming. And oddly enough -- "chatting" on this website! I get caught up in visiting with and hearing about others. I enjoy the camaraderie.

    It's been raining here (San Francisco) and chilly -- I dread taking my dog out at night as it's been icy cold! I think I'll throw a blanket over my lemon tree tonight.

  • Ugh! Cleaning is so not like meditation for me! I putter between projects-- some that are necessary such as home repairs and some that are just a creative outlet.

    I enjoy meeting and regularly chatting with others as well. PD is such a difficult disease to understand! It's important to find a place where we can meet PWP-- where someone understands what we experience.

    It's getting to feel more like December here too. Our littlest dog likes his sweaters I crochet for him!

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