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Rytary for DBS

I had Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) surgery in Feb 2015. Very successful since my main symptom was tremor which was totally controlled by Dopamine (generic carbodopa/levadopa). That is the situation the DBS surgery is designed for. I decided to try Rytary and haven't found the right dosage yet. A bit of trial and error is needed in most cases. I'd like to know if anyone who had a successful DBS is using Rytary. I have not found any indication that it has been tested in DBS patients. Any info about that would be appreciated.

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I also had DBS within the year. I'm still refining my Programing to control my foot dytonia. My docs do not recommend Rytary yet but have not ruled it out in the future. I do know another patient that has success wth DBS and Rytary.


Hello easternc

I hope you are aware that Rytary is just carbodopa/levadopa in a time release form.

I have not had DBS and i do not have tremor but i did take Rytary and it made me feel like i did not have PD but i had bad side affects and had to go back to carbodopa/levadopa .

Good luck with it it is very good if you don't have any side affects.


So wait a minute. You have to continue with c/l even after DBS? I thought the DBS eliminated the need for the meds!

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DBS is to relieve dyskinesia, dystonia, tremor. Alot of folks that have it done are able to decrease or even go off their

meds. When I had my DBS, MD told me that the goal of surgery is to improve my quality of life & decrease the dyskinesia (which it did both ) but I take more meds now. DBS did not cut back any of my meds. I take Sinemet every 1 1/2 hrs with Parcopa as needed for a rescue. I couldn't imagine what I would feel like without DBS.

But as we all know, we're all different :)


Gotcha. Thanks.


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