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Taylor French Parkinson's disease and Faith

Apparently he was not taking marijuana but a nutritional vegetable extract from England (www.rg-40.com)

¿Anyone knows anything about this English company or product rg-40? Thanks.

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What is the vegetable extract ....from England? This message is very obscure and confusing. Is it promoting the clinic in California and stem cell research?

where does Faith fit in?


I am with you. Very confuse about the video since in the web it is the same one declaring that cannabis was used.

That is is why I brought it up here to see if anyone knows if there is anything real behind it or just nothing (scamp).

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It appears the 2 guys behind the video and extract have not gone any further with it, since the last changes were in 2005. For some reason, my media player can't connect to the server so I can't confirm the video came from that web site, but I assume it did based on your post.

It's kind of funny that they were so vague about the extract that the marijuana community turned it into a viral video. We never heard of the video until someone claimed it was marijuanaOf course it is not so funny if marijuana does not help PD.


This is a solicitation for money and should be removed from this site




As well as being confusing this is also fascinating in that Taylor French could be promoting a vegetable extract which is not named, faith healing, amino acid therapy, and he also uses regular dopamine and consults a stem cell clinic. Take your pick!

Already the marijuana lobby uses the first part to prove there claim about marijuana (see donny's link above)

The faith healing lobby could use the second section showing Taylor French rising from a wheelchair and running around the church aisles

The amino acid formula is mentioned in the third section and supported by a man in a white coat who runs a stem cell clinic.

And did you notice how well he could move going to the coffee shop- he said his dopamine had just kicked in, I presume that's regular carbidopa levadopa.

This video parts of which could be used to prove almost any claim reminds me of the need to check out all claims. people who use information from videos like these know we are vulnerable especially to anything that gives hope.

Eduga I couldn't find reference in the video to an English product rg- 40 ? and the site you mention hasn't been updated in 10 years. Thanks for posting Eduga


Although I see some unscrupulous individuals have tried to use this video and Taylor French in support of marijuana, it has not been widely circulated in the pro-marijuana communities. This was the first website I ended up at while trying to vet the story and claims made about Taylor French and medicinal cannabis.

Marijuana has proven effective for treating some epilepsy patients and provides numerous benefits to us. It troubles me when I find medical marijuana being misrepresented like this. Thankfully these types of stories rarely make it to the more credible marijuana media sites.

I wish anyone who has been affected by this disease the best of luck.


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