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Anyone taking these drugs?

I'm looking into the connection between mercury and PD as they both attack the same two brain regions that have the most dark neuromelanin cells, the SN and LC. Mercury poisoning is hard to distinguish from PD. They both exhibit tremors, anxiety, depression, lack of sleep, and inability to concentrate. Iraq has the highest incidnce of PD in the world and in 1971 they had the worst imaginable mercury disaster, the worst in history, greatly affecting the children who are now (apparently) being diagnosed with PD.

Most of the mental problems in PD and mercury poisoning appear to be the LC damaged whereas balance and tremors might be more related to the SN. Mercury can actually travel through neurons and inhaling is the route of exposure for inorganic mercury. The LC is receives inputs from the nose.

Anyway, is anyone taking norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (venlafaxine, duloxetine), or norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitors (bupropion)? These are drugs that are supposed to compensate for a damaged LC.

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Hello Zawy

I am not taking the drugs you have mentioned. I have PD (diagnosed 2011) and take Azilect, low-dose Pramipexole and low dose Co-beneldopa. My symptoms include tremor, some rigidity and slowness plus a few other non-motor symptoms.

Interestingly, I had 'Pinks Disease' (essentially mercury poisoning) when I was a baby back in 1952 (UK) as a result of teething powders. My parent's recount of my symptoms, which lasted aprox 6 months, included extreme irritability, constant crying, pink itchy skin, lack of sleep, loss of weight, difficulty eating solids and in fact only able to take ice cream and horlicks. To date non of the PD specialists have shown any particular interest in this connection.

I hope you find this useful for your research. Cheers Lesley

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I just saw Symptoms of Mercury Poisoning by Allison Adams on

looks just like my PD symtoms.

I know the track record for removing amalgams and decreasing symptoms aren't good for PD, but I wonder if it would prevent alzheimers?

Hope everyone has a great weekend, up goes the x-mas tree!

Hope, Suzie


There maybe be some cases of true PD (a-Syn protein aggregations) that were initiated by mercury instead of iron. One theory is that metals and toxins in the blood more easily make it to the LC if not SN, causing PD, ALS, MND, and one or two other neurological diseases. But that inorganic mercury poisoning has identical mental effects as PD only means it affects LC (if not SN) similarly, not that it causes PD. PD cases have not been shown to have more mercury than controls, or at least not more than it has of other toxic metals, except for iron. PD cases have more iron in at least the SN. MND cases definitely have more mercury accumulation. However, I strongly suspect Mercury poisoning in Iraq is being mis-diagnosed as PD. Also, in many conditions the misdiagnosis is not a big problem because treament will be the same. The mercury poisoning cases with harmed SN and LC brain regions will need the same neurotransmitter replacement therapies as PD: dopamine, melatonin, and serotonin. People with LC damage from whatever cause need noradrenalin (norepinephrine) replacement therapy. But I had not heard of this neurotransmitter being used in PD. I did not even know the LC was damaged as much as the SN in PD until I started looking into mercury. So that's why I asked. Would thos fouth neurotransmitter help with constipation, excess saliva, and anxiety?

The LC damage can cause a lack of a "menace response" which means you don't blink when someone pretends like they will hit you in the eye. So I tried it with my wife and sure enough she can't make be blink at all, but she blinks easily. It sort of makes since if you think about someone who doesn't blink when you do that. It seems like that person might be missing affect or be apathetic, or otherwise less "involved" or lesss emotional than others. And it seems the LC is i volved with that, in addition to anxiety and unexplained social phobia.


My friend had her Amalgam filling removed and the dentist gave a liquid which mops up the toxins. The outcome for her health was amazing. Citrate Magnesium mops up the toxins


There's only 6 papers with mercury and Parkinson's in the title and one says mercury exposure is 20x more likely to cause PD. Other papers show the mental symptoms and brain damaged areas are the same. I used to work in air pollution and we had a mercury monitor for ambient air. It could measure really low levels. The manufacturer used to let people at conferences breath into it and the readings would sometimes go 1000x times higher than ambient air. In a conference room they would leave it running and as the room filled up with people eating the snacks, you could see the reading rise from the amalgams in people's mouth. They withdrew the data and comments from their web site. Their comments seemed to indicate it was causing too much interest.


My friend was challenging the Mercury filling over 15 years ago. She spoke at a conference saying how it had damaged her health. At the end of the conference the d

Dentists thought she had left and tried to say she was a "nutter"

The filling were still being put in peoples mouths until the EU stopped it.

My husband developed Alzhiemers and I blame his illness on Amalgam filling.


The American Dental Association was formed sometime around 1900 because the previous association of dentists would not approve of using mercury amalgams. Dentists really needed to use the amalgams because they were always far superior to other fillings in terms of easy to work with and lasting. The evidence against filling is sketchy. There's no safe level of mercury, but it's been difficult to see that it harms people on an average basis. The ones sensitive to it have just been out of luck.

There's a similar problem with PD: maybe be a lot of different things can cure a lot of different people, but no study that does not have a lot of people with the same set of relevant genes and same cause of PD will be able to detect the cures. For all we know 10% of PD causes in U.S. are really a mercury problem.

A singapore study showed 1 cup of black tea per day slashed PD cases by 71%. But it's also Singapore where PD was 20x more likely to be associated with mercury. Maybe in Singapore they eat a lot of fish with methyl mercury in it and it is known that black tea prevent mercury in fixed from being absorbed. So although I use 4 tea bags in a cup of black tea per day, it may not be doing me any good. Likewise for the 1/4 cup of coffee grinds ni my cup of coffee: it may only be helping if I've got certain genes.


I would prefer to have no teeth than a mouthful of mercury.

Dentist were safe with mask and gloves. However patient were not safe.

If a mother has filling the baby will have those particles in its brain. That is not a healthy situation


I agree, but I was not able to establish a connection to PD from fillings. There is probably a connection in some people that will not be possible to establish by researching what happens in the "average" person. And from what I've seen in the EPA mercury monitors is that there is a LOT more mercury exposure in amalgam mouths than in the air. The gloves and masks do not help the dentists and nurses. It is the vapors from inorganic mercury that cause a problem, not from touching it. There's been a long debate as to if dentists and nurses show damage. A good Danish study on 30,000 dental hygienists found no increased incidence for PD.

There are many houses in the U.S. built before say 1985 that had people breaking old thermometers, thermostats, and the plastic blue maze game with the drop of mercury rolling around in it (late 1970's if not early 1980's) all of which spilled mercury in carpets or the cracks of hard wood floors. If the carpet has not been removed and the wood floors sealed, children are still being emotionally damaged. They are also still giving flu shots to children that have not had the mercury removed like the child vaccines. And the compact light bulbs have some in them, but I don't know how much escapes when they break. Hopefully not as much as someone with amalgams eating chips and a hot drink in your house. I noticed biting down on hot glue as a kid would stain the glue grey from my amalgams leaving some metal on it.

I do not take mercury lightly because there is a 90% chance that it ruined my life from 6th grade on, due to playing with it frequently on my desk in the pencil holder and dropping it into the cracks on the floor and never being diagnosed or treated. The vapors from the desk, floor, and my hands caused a serious contamination in me, and probably a bit less in many kids who came through the classroom over the next few years, and the teacher that was in there for 10 more years. I'm sure he must have figured out after his first year that he had left a mercury bottle in a cabinet and put it away.


I think PD is diet related, no magnesium in the diet. Too much meat and fish.

It would be interesting to know how many vegetarians have PD.

There are millions of vegetarians in India & China and their levels of PD & alzhiemers, breast cancer and prostate Cancer are low.


Advanced countries do have more PD, but they also live longer which could be why a higher percentage have it. In any given country, there have been some things found to correlate lower PD:

vitamin D and maybe A and E

fish oil

olive oil






black tea

green tea

apples and strawberries (men only)

physical activity

less education

I did not see a connection to vegetarianism, high protein, high fat, or high sugar.


Excuse me, Zawy, but what part is the "LC"?


Locus Cereulus

It produce norepinephrine like the SN produces dopamine. It seems like PD's symptoms are primarily from affecting 4 major transmitters:

1) dopamine => motivation, action

2) norepinephrine => excitatory

3) melatonin => sleep

4) serotonin => confidence

Tremors, lack of balance, and lack of response caused by lack of 1).

Lack of sleep caused by lack of receptors for 3).

Depression maybe caused by lack of 4) or its receptors.

Constipation and excess saliva can be caused by an excess of 2), not a decrease. Also anxiety should be cause by an excess of it. So somehow damage to the LC seems to appear as an increase 2) even as it is supposed to produces 2). I mean if the LC is damaged, you would think 2) is less but PD and other conditions that "affect" the LC look as if they increase 2).

A 5th important neurotransmitter is oxytocin, the "trust" or "love" hormone that works with dopamine that is also sometimes thought to be a pleasure hormone.

Notice each of the 5 hormones can help increase "pleasure".

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Thank you for the detailed reply.


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