I am a believer in exercise. However, I have back problems and am not able to do as much exercise as I would like. I have always liked cycling and decided to give it a go. I had absolutely no problems getting on and cycling, the problem came when I tried to get off!! I just could not get off. It sounds funny now, but it wasn't at the time. Luckily, I was on a cycling path. I had to keep on going until I reached something to hang on to, a gate, not my husband!!

I was wondering whether anyone else has had this problem? I assume it is something to do with my balance. But I am determined to overcome it My exercise bike is so boring. Actually, my balance is not too bad, but my confidence has taken a knock. I will overcome this problem. I just am not sure how at the moment..

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  • Use a stationary bike instead?

  • I think that is the easy, boring way. I need more stimulation and am determined to find a way round this problem.

  • I understand what you'he talking about. I always loved bicycling and when I got PD one of the first symptoms was dystonia in my foot which made walking difficult. So I got a bike and took up cycling again and at first I found stopping incredibly difficult. One thing that helped immensely was to have the seat low enough so that both my feet, even if on tiptoes, could touch the ground. I also learned with practice to slow down gradually and mostly just kept practicing and I've gotten more confident and better at it overall. It takes awhile to get the confidence because we're not little kids racing around on bikes anymore and we have our own challenges. It is so good for my depression and anxiety and before I got diagnosed it was the one ?thing that could lift me out of those feelings. When the two wheeler gets too much for me I think I may get an adult tricycle. Anyway, hang in there. It gets easier.

  • Thank you for your reply. The first time it happened my husband could not catch up with me and I could not stop. I think you may have the answer. Anyway I will give it a try. I was wondering about getting an adult tricycle, but am not sure whether it folds to go in the back of the car as the nicest and safest rides are a car journey away from where we live..

  • I fear that it is, pardon the phrase, getting my leg over that concerns me. It could be a balance issue, knackered legs or I truly can't get get my leg over!

  • I understand your desire to keep pedaling. To keep your freedom, look into Terra Trike. This is a 3 wheel recumbent. Very comfortable, easy to get on and off. As with all bicycles in different styles and options. Good searching and Keep Pedaling

  • I admire all of you cycling outdoors. Just the thought of it panics me since I am always worried about my balance. Have fun everyone!

  • I also found it difficult to safely consistently manage a bike. I purchased a Catrike which is a tadpole class of 3 wheeler. It has allowed me to get superb workouts on steep grades that would not be safe because of the need to maintain speed to maintain balance. With the trike I can slow down and crawl up using 30 available ratios. The trail model is foldable to fit in a vehicle.

  • I've noticed the same difficulty and, generally, when I want to dismount, while still in motion, leave my left leg on the pedal and cross my right leg back over the saddle (so that my body is mostly on the same side of the bike), just before the point at which I want to stop. It needs a bit of anticipation and sometimes I don't get it right and finish up in the embarrassing position you describe! God bless.

  • Hi Court,

    you should look at doing stretching exercises and back stretches. I use a bosu ball for my PD client to stretch over and have got good results. By the way I am a qualified exercise specialist (Personal Trainer). Hope you find this helpful.



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