Taking Parkinson's meds with food

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I'd imagine not everyone is fully aware that taking Parkinson's medications, such as Sinemet or Madopar, ought NOT to be taken, according to the information given in the following link, at the same time as eating a meal with protein in it. The information seems compelling and, to me, even quite logical. But how many people taking meds have ever been told about this by their doctors I wonder? I'd be interested to know what you think. Here's the link . . .



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  • We were never told to take an hour before meals by either the neuro or the pharmacist. We were told two months later when reporting fluctuating response to the sinemet.

  • Well, my brother, who's taking Sinemet up to 6 times a day has never been told to avoid taking it with protein. It's not going to be easy for him to go all day long trying to space the meds an hour or so before or after meals.

    Having said that, if he manages it, he may find the meds work better and may even be able to reduce them.

  • he may need fewer pills if he takes them on an empty stomach. The same receptors in the gut that accepts the protein also accepts the sinemet.

    protein gets there faster. That is why you need to time your protein intake.

  • Sinemet CR (controlled release), which I take four times a day, is to be taken after food, not on an empty stomach.

  • My husband takes Sinemet plus , has done for twelve years . I have told consultant Ives and over that o did see any benefit from it . In fact it seems to flood the brain and make him worse And then it's time for the next one.

    I have asked about him taking the CR which he does at night . During the day . They keep telling me it wouldn't suit .

    He takes the sin plus X three in the day and CR 250 at night .

    Why couldn't he take the 259cr three X in the twenty four hours makes more sense to me .

  • The advice is well suited for me.Take Sinemet/or any L-dopa medicine,one hour after food and 30-45 minutes before food for good response.Avoid protein food altogether,for better absorption

  • I have found that almost any heavy meal can block meds. The evening meal for me is the worst. So i tend to snack or eat small meals all day long it works better for me. One glass of Cows milk will effect me for 4 or 5 hours so i had to give it up. Taking meds with a small snack it can be anything except milk does not affect them. So this is just another change in my life style but not a bad one.

    I take a large dose of sinemat 2 tabs every 4 hours 24 hours a day i even get up at night to take it. I also take one 6 mg ropinirole at night for restless leg.

  • I hope your doctor told you this before you left your first office visit!

  • The problem seems to be that, if they say anything at all, they suggest taking Sinemet with food initially to help with any nausea although why they don't prescribe domperidone beats me. Thereafter you may only see the neuro in 6 months to a year ''s time but still it isn't mentioned anyway, Some people save all their protein consumption for the evening meal.

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