My primary symptom is a right side tremor. I have an intense pain in my right shoulder and wrist over the past few days that is just unbearable. It's working its way to my collarbone. My new doctor looks down upon pain meds -- the pendulum seems to be swinging that way in general. For several weeks physical therapy was a big help, but abruptly quit working. I've been starting the day with tai chi and ending with yoga, but for now that's kaput. It's just as depressing as hell. Picking up a carton of milk this morning brought a sharp jab of pain all the way up my arm that lasted several minutes. The pain always comes along with tremor and stiffness. So far no meds have helped. It's just impossible to do anything at all, including just sitting here doing nothing! I know I sound like a real crybaby ... Got ideas?

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  • Have you tried pain gel, there are homeopathics called T relief that is good, and I use heat but your PT would let u know about that.

    I was told whatever you do don't stop moving it

  • Pain wears you down so much I have problems in my hip. What works for me is 'feminax' but please check with your GP or pharmacist.

    I also used to wait until the pain was unbearable but now I've changed my thinking and I take something straight away.

    Hope things improve.

  • When my father in law had hip surgery they told him to hit the morphine button as soon as the pump would let him. Never let the pain get a lead it is hard to catch up.

  • I have pain in my right hand and arm.

    I take Sinemet (Carbidopa-Levodopa) that relieves the pain.

    As for your DR. and pain meds next time you see him hit him or her with a hammer on the big toe (there are a lot of nerves there) and ask him or her if pain meds would help. LOL

    You should be the judge about your need for pain meds as long as you do not have a history of abusing them.

    I read your bio and great job on doing your exercise every day. Could it be that some or one of your exercise movements is aggravating a old injury.

    AS a long shot unexplained pain can also be a sign of heart problems.

    You are right to express your pain, you are not a cry baby this thing we call Pd makes us all cry sooner or later.

    Good luck

  • hi my husband has pd and has sufferd with pain and stiffness so i know what you are going through.what helped him is accupuncher witch you can ask your doctor about ,i hope this helps .all the best luck.

  • Hi, I think you need to decide if the pain is PD related or not, I've had a rotator cuff op on one shoulder, and a more complicated op on the other, my collar bone had an arthrosis(sp?), in other words it had grown a lumpy bit of bone on the edge nearest my shoulder, restricting the arm movement, VERY painful, had the op and it's fixed! I have general body ache, which is the cursed PD, I find regular exercise, walking, bio kinetics and yoga help with that! It doesn't help :) but remember you are not alone!

  • Beckey, I have that same pain. I take 3 ibruprophen 2 x a day. It gets a little better until I use it a little and gets worse again. Had it for a month now. I can't even get in or out of bed or cut a piece of meat. Very depressing.

  • I had pain in my right elbow and shoulder (tremor arm). my trainer, who works with MS and PD folks advised that stretching and ibuprofen might alleviate the pain. I did both, including stretching at home 5 days a week and having my trainer stretch me 2 days a week. It took 2 to 3 weeks for any results, but after 6 months the pain was gone. That was 2 years ago. I no longer take ibuprofen, but I still do the stretching.

  • Wrist pain preceded my tremor by a few weeks. It went away after a few months after starting C/L. It still flares up a little but nothing like it did before my diagnosis. I couldn't pick up anything without a stabbing pain shooting up my arm.

  • Hi SWVA

    What's C/L?

  • Sorry. It is Sinemet or cabidopa/levodopa

  • Becky, the pain is a problem when your doctor won't give you an Rx for it. My stance is your doctor (hopefully a Movement Disorder Specialist) works / services your needs and that includes some pain meds, then they should be prescribed. Taking control of out PD is not usually an immediate process, but something you do gradually, similar to working out.

    Good luck with 'standing up' to your doctor...


  • find a new dr the one you have now is for s**t,be at his office everyday till the dr delivers pain relief don't know where you live but i have no problem getting what i need for pain from my dr here in the great usa tell the idiot that there is real pain associated with pd so you need real relief

  • A really good chiropractor who can do cold laser and kinesiota ping/a fherapeutic masseuse and ketoprophin cream made by a compounding pharmacist at the direction of your physician. Also a frozen gel pack helps inflammation.

  • Also arnica gel.

  • I had pain in my shoulder & arm...especially when i tried to pick something up...acupuncture helped me..touch wood i havent had it for quite some time...

  • Don't get discourage it may be as simple as your muscle need a break. The constant stretching twice a day may be too much. Maybe try taking a day or two off from your exercise routine to see if that helps.

  • This is all very helpful. I appreciate all your knowledge and support! I am starting today on something called propranolol -- here's hoping it eases up the tremor...

  • This sounds like me when I first started having symptoms of pd. My family doctor prescribed busperone and clonazapam for anxiety and zoloft for depression. I've been on them for about 12 years.

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