Pains in calf mussels

My FB & PP are normal. I walk around 5 kms in morning in 50 minutes. I eat only Mix vegetables 3 times a day. I also 2 eggs in a day. Presently I take 1 tab of Glucomat 500 SR after lunch and dinner.

My problem - for last 15 days I have severe pains in my both calf mussels. I have taken T3 tabs for 15 days as per Dr.'s advice. It has not worked. Also I could sleep hardly for 4 to 5 hrs in night and as a result during day time I am dull and wish to sleep, but can't sleep. Will any body help me to overcome these 2 issues ?

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  • This is a Parkinson's forum. Are you being treated for diabetes?

    good luck

  • I am diabetese for around 25 yrs. I may have poste it on wrong form. Can I divert it to right forum ?

  • just copy your post to one of the diabetes communities

    good luck

  • I take 2x magnesium tablets in the morning & 2 in the evening for leg cramps...sure know when i miss them..also supposed to be good to help regulate sleep but not so sure about that

  • Thanks. magnesium tab - what is it's name ?

  • Hi Anirudh. I have been advised to NEVER DO FAST WALKING EVERY DAY! Your muscles need a day to recover from energetic exercise, which is what you are doing. You will pick up injures that way and your muscles start to eat themselves up in their search for energy. If walking every 2nd day does not work then test your salt and zinc levels.


  • A few months ago, I started waking up twice every night with severe pain in my calf and shin muscles. It was really dragging me down. Then, I started applying a magnesium gel with aloe vera to my lower legs every night just before going to bed, and since then, I've had only about three cramps in the last three months. The brand I use is made by Health and Wisdom Inc., but I've seen other brands advertised. Two places you can purchase it is online at and Most likely, some health food stores sell it, too.

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