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Exercise Promotes Repair

Session IV - Exercise: What do we know about how it impacts Parkinson's?

Neuroplasticity and exercise does more than medication can do alone. Exercise promotes repair.

Go to Facebook 'World Parkinson Congress' site where this link is found

enjoyment with exercise best combination to affect Parkinson's

Hear Doctor Terry Ellis

pod cast 'When in doubt: exercise!'

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No doubt about it... If exercise is punishment it won't succeed over time. It must be fun to be a life changing event. I'm enthralled with my recumbent trike. It's like driving a open wheel race car! The other thing that helps me despite my lack of desire to lift weights is to utilize music. I find Pandora to carry me through alternating from jazz, blues and classic rock.


Roy, thanks as always for sharing such valuable information. Even though most of the presentations in the podcast were far too technical for my understanding, I learned that there are important changes in the brain as a result of exercise. So we are not just hoping or imagining that exercise helps... there is scientific evidence that it does. That is very encouraging and motivating.

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A little improvement is good. The information they presented, they were not sure, did not know how much or how intense would be beneficial. Just do it and doing what or with what you enjoy was recommended which most affects the brain. Like dancing, like exercycle plus television.


The researchers found that the brisk walking sessions resulted in the following improvements:

Motor function and mood: 15% improvement

Attention/response control: 14% improvement

Tiredness: 11% reduction

Aerobic fitness and gait speed: 7% increase.

In the motor functioning tests, there was an average improvement of 2.8 points among the participants, a score that is deemed to be a clinically important difference.

Study author Dr. Ergun Y. Uc, of the University of Iowa in Iowa City and the Veterans Affairs Medical Center of Iowa City, says that results suggest "walking may provide a safe and easily accessible way of improving the symptoms of Parkinson's disease and quality of life."


I agree with you Joanne it is technical but I do I think there is a lot of good information and worth watching. The last speaker and the question time were the easiest to follow. I was excited though by the amount of research that is going on looking at exercise and PD including amount and what types which may vary according to age. Physical and cognitive challenge both important such as in tai chi and Interested in the finding that people who exercise regularly are less likely to develop PD.


Thanks for those Royprop, for sure I think the key is to find (or return to) the exercise that gives you enjoyment. Then any slight improvement leads to the sense of achievement and on we go. Brain health follows those re-used paths. I find the best part of exercise is regaining a feeling of control over what's happening to me, I can choose to work to improve my condition instead of just sitting back hoping the meds will help as I did initially.

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When i exercise i forget i have pd

That in itself is enough of a reason to do it

The exercise i do is intense and i love it and the people i do it with

Do what makes you happy and push to achieve more every day it gives you some thing to strive for

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