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sleep problems

Before (some years ago) i had terrible problems with sleeping problems.

Today i have a new life.

I still get up in the nigth 2 or 3 times (toilet) but sleeps 7-8 hours during the nigth.

The differens in quallity in life is total.

Not getting enougth sleep as a parkinson patient is so bad that it cannot be explained.

It is like having the flue and in adition hangover with a dash of airringing , hehe.

So how did i manage to get to the point where i reseaved a human life again?

Well , for me its all about bagatels (very small triggers) that eatch is capebale to destrou the sleep.

And only having one of this bagatells activated kills the sleep.

And of cause there was some majore things to.

Here is the list that i had to complite to return to the living world.

1) Stop taking dopamin agonist (together with your doctor ofcause)

This drug is a "killer"

It has ruind my life and my wife that i still love has thrown me out of the bedroom (for some years ago) and i sleep alone on the gestroom (I fell terrible and cry myself to sleep very often and i am so alone).

The reason for this is sex hunger when taking dopamin agonist whitch i discovered after point of no return was a fact.For me it all felt naturell but the catastrope is a fact.

The positive thing is that i am aloude to live in the same house (my home) and see my dougthers grow up.

Still , could have been woorse..............

No , this sentens is just a mask. It has turned out to be a terrible life.

So mutch for that.

If you use NEUPRO patch (dopamin agonist) , tear it off before you go to sleep (and put a new on in the morning.

If you are lucky you will sleep like a child ( this is the case for some but not fore all).This i found out of myself and has resieved thanks-letter from people that it worked out for.

Another strange effect of this drug is that i had enormus chestpain while taking NEUPRO that 90% dissapear while stopping taking the drug.

There was no differense on the sympthomes during redusing the intake.

I had to stop compleatly and experiend a very bad time the following times (for months)

This drug is Pumping up the quality of life and makes you feel great and turn you in to a sexmaskin and makes you feel like a god.

But you have to pay a high cost.

After all , what is it worth when the result is that your wife tells you that she doesent love you anymore and ask you to find you a new woman?

Trying to explane the connection between the drug and behavor is of no interress.

When you have a woman that have reashed the point of no return , then this it is.

So thanks alot for the medisine you gave me doctor xxxx.

You have destroyed my life.

Back to sleeping problems:

If you use dopamin agonist then i am afraid you have to try stoping using it (for atleast 1/2 year) and feel the differense.

I will post more points later regarding sleep-problems

All the best

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I agree with your opening statement about the misery of sleep and PD. I'm luckier than you regarding my marital relationship having never used the meds that have caused your distress. Have you discussed options with your MD? Good luck!


I was using agonist premipexole & had severe urinary problem.My neoro reduced and finally stopped


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