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how to remember taking medisine

Use your smartphone.

Dont use the alarm , use countdown.

In this way you get the excakt same timeperiod betwen each dose whitch is very important.

Also it is very easy to eksperiment with defferent timelengths.

I have tried different times between taking the medisin and what suits me is 1 and 1/2 sinemeth 25/100 5 times aday with a timelength 2.50 (2 hour and 50 minutes).

Very relaksing , the phone gives you full control.

Nothing to adjust or think about. Just press the start botton in the morning when you take the medisine.

For years i didnt care and took the medisine when i thougth it was time and was happy with that.

Then i had to take more medisin and it was at this time i started using the countdown on the clocksymbole on the iphone.

The result was that i didnt have to take so mutch new medisine.

I have compressed the timeinterwall on daytime and take the last medisin about 2000 in the eavning (depending when i start in the morning).

On me there was a positiv effekt doing this.

I was able to get rid of bad downperiods because forgetting taking the medisin

All the best

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Thank you for that tip..i was dx a year ago & by the time i feel i need the next dose it is too late & have to wait for it to kick in..:)


I took medicines this way for a couple of years (actually using an app on my smartphone (Dosecast) to help. I now use statically timed meds. and think it works better. If you inadvertently miss some levadopa and feel crap because of it it's b because you need to play catch up and need to take your next at the usual time. I now use the App Medisafe as it's a little more friendly.

I'm actually working on an app that helps you time your medication to fit your own personal needs but that will take time and research partners (no one takes a PWP self researcher seriously - not even PUK)

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