Starting the Big and Loud program this approach. We had the Loud part before and it is really helpful with breathing and voice problems. The hospital didn't have the Big part then but does now so we began this week. Terrific.

Here is how the therapist described the problem:

In PD everything gets small...writing, walking, breathing, talking...every component part. You feel like your movements are normal in size, length, decibel, etc. but they are actually miniaturized. This program teaches you how to make what will seem like GRAND, HUGE, EXAGGERATED gestures and sounds but are actually normal in appearance and sound to the viewer.

It is covered by Medicare.

3 Replies

  • As a retired PT and a former participant in research of Beckey Farley, the originator of the BIG component, l endorse it fully. It's the best approach for all levels of disability.

  • I did this program several months ago. It is a great exercise for Parkinson"s. I meet with my therapist and three other people once a week to do the exercises. This encourages us to do the exercise at home.

  • I am so pleased that I went and did this LSVT BIG program a month ago, I practise the movements each day and it's helped me so much with mental confidence as well as increased movement, particularly with my walking more "naturally". Each new task like tying shoelaces that comes along I think BIG. And no bad side effects .

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