Our pal John Pepper​ and his"conscious walking" are​ featured in the bestseller "The Brain's Way of Healing"

Norman Doidge , a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, author​ed the 2007 bestseller "The Brain That Changes Itself," which​ ​ sold over 1 million copies. It introduced readers to ​the science of ​​neuroplastic​ity-- the idea that the brain is capable of recovering from many of the injuries and insults that life throws at it.

In his new book, which was on the best seller lists as soon as it was published, Doidge tells the stories of people who have been able to make dramatic improvements in their brain functioning by using alternate therapies after conventional medicine had failed them.

Chapter 2, titled "A Man Walks Off His Parkinsonian Symptoms," is devoted to the conscious walking program that John Pepper developed and has described in our forum often. Thanks to this program, John now leads a relatively normal life and hasn't used a Parkinson's medication since 2002.

​For more on this, see bit.ly/1RMsmHH

John, who celebrates his 81st birthday this month​, is determined to spend whatever time he has left to helping others with Parkinson's how to make similar breakthroughs. Forum members who have attended sessions John held recently in the UK have posted rave reviews here. John hopes next year to take his message to Australia, Canada and the U.S.

I did another blog post on this effort and offered some suggestions on how the rest of us can try to help him in this undertaking. See bit.ly/1Kg2Zry

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6 Replies

  • Hi Gleeson. Thanks for this support!

    Kind regards


  • He may be your pal but not mine

  • Bailey just leave the negative stuff,


  • So, it's "conscious walking" now, is it? As opposed to the unconscious walking that's so popular among the zombie community I presume(?).

  • This is very encouraging. I can't wait to get the book. I'm glad John got the recognition too.

  • Hi Gleeson. Thanks for your inspired writing. You make me sound like a superman but I'm afraid that I am far from that. I do have this burning desire to get people away from depending on medication that is not able to slow down the progression of their Pd. and get them to take up the FAST WALKING that has been proven in proper scientifically controlled studies to reverse the symptoms of Pd.

    This way there is HOPE and the more you put into it the more you will get out of it. With medication nobody has ever got better! Why even start taking the medication when the best it can do for you is hide a symptom or two but not actually stop the Pd. from getting worse.

    I show people how they can walk normally, immediately, and carry on walking and start getting better. Who else offers this and at no expense?

    Come on guys, it is all real! All yo have to do is get up off your tail and start exercising. The improved health makes you want to do more and that makes you feel even better!

    Thanks again Gleeson.


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