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Fungus 'may cause symptoms of Parkinson's disease'


New research has suggested that a compound often exuded by fungus could be linked to symptoms of Parkinson's disease. The investigators say Parkinson's has previously been linked to exposure of human-made toxins, but their findings show that biological compounds also have the potential to set off symptoms of the condition.


Paris (AFP) - Traces of fungus have been discovered in the brains of Alzheimer's sufferers, researchers said Thursday, relaunching the question: might the disease be caused by an infectious microbe?

There is no conclusive evidence, but if the answer turns out to be "yes", it means Alzheimer's Disease (AD) may be targeted with antifungal treatment,

Parkinson's may be targeted with antifungal treatment?

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Thank you for posting this.

Currently, several neurological conditions are thought to progress through the propagation and clumping of mis folded proteins in nerve cells.

Once the process has started it is not easy to stop. Moving away from the countryside where one might have been exposed to chemical sprays will not stop Parkinson's for example.

It s a daunting prospect to think that we need to know about and eliminate every possible cause for the misfolding. We would be better to concentrate on blocking the spread of the protein, flushing the clumps from the cells and regeneration of affected areas.


Thanks for all this RoyProp. Although I don't spend much time thinking about the causes of Pd. being much more involved in finding out how to deal with Pd. once we have got it.

I am just as keenly interested in what causes it as anybody else is. It's too late for us to take evasive action but we are all interested in trying to help our children to avoid this terrible scourge.

You are a mine of information! As I send lots of information all over the world I wondered if you would talk to me on my email - I don't charge for anything I do, but I firmly believe that the open dissemination of information is the best way to deal with Pd. Knowledge is Power, as they say.

I am more and more convinced, after listening to the MJFF webinar last night that even though we know that GDNF can reverse Pd. symptoms, the only interest the medical world has in GDNF is getting it into the brains of patients via medical procedures.

Why don't they tell patients that the body produces its own GDNF when we do ENERGETIC EXERCISE? Surely it is easier to do exercise than have serious surgery to the brain?

I forget that exercise does not bring any money into the pockets of the drug companies and as such, any studies on the effect of exercise on Pd. would not bring anything their way. In fact nobody but the patients would benefit from a successful study on the effects of energetic exercise on Pd. patients.

Not that there has not been a study done on this. The results of several studies on the subject were announced at the 1st World Parkinson's Congress held in Washington DC in 2006 by Dr Beth Fisher and Fr Michael Zigmond.


What more do we need to know about FAST WALKING. Or am I being stupid? How do I expect people with Pd. to do FAST WALKING?

The answer to that is the reason why I am going all over the English-speaking world to show people with Pd. how to walk properly. I have yet to find one Pd. patient anywhere who is unable to walk properly when he/she has been shown how.

All they need to do is practice doing it and start doing regular fast walking and wait to see the results as time goes by.

Maybe that seems too easy and trite for most people, but if I was able to do it, then why would you think that others can't. Many are doing it right now, but only time will tell if they are as successful as I have been. It took me 8 years to come off all my medication, why would anybody else be able to do it quicker?

There are many who are well on their way, so hold thumbs.


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The webinars are advertising/fund raising tools. All about that and not much more. They entice us constantly with "how close" this or that is/will bring us to a cure.

I am not against fund raising as research (if it is honestly pursued) is costly. Too many supposed charity pursuits seeking donations have been exposed as frauds. Spending only a small fraction of income on the purpose of the solicitation.


Hi RoyProp. I am a FOOL! I forget that many people are interested in Pd., not to help patients but to make MONEY! I have no beef with making money honestly but we all have to be careful to whom we are talking, when it comes to dealing with Pd. I will try and remember this in future. I waste a great deal of my time listening to things like the Webinar and videos on diet and other subjects and it is only at the end you realize it is only ADVERTISING!

No wonder many people are sceptical of me and my unusual story.

Kind regards



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