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hi.. sorry I haven't contributed lately... 'moving on'

Well if you're wondering how we're doing Parki and me

I reckon I'm stage two going on three

There's five in all so they say

Think that's when we can call it a day

My left legs still moving, growing double

size towards the other

My feet cramp consistently

And my fingers lock together

I sleep wherever I lay my head

And unlike others it constitutes my bed

Oh how I reminisce the sanctity of night

And the eight hours of oblivion tucked up tight

The bags are still full and all about

The contents of which without a doubt

Have been forgotten and what can I do

When my brain wanders on to something new

But still the shaking has not appeared

I've been thus saved from that which we fear

Except when standing in a shower or bath

Then my legs and back take on a trembling wrath

It's hard to find the hours in one full day

To do all I want in my own old way

So I've had to accept a new way of coping

In order to fight against the stillness of moping

Yes even when my legs feel they have weights

And my eyes close and my body aches

I can still feel the sun on a summers day

Or watch the autumn leaves at play

Or walk in winters crisp white snow

And see the spring lambs as they dance to and fro

So I'll continue to refuel my brain

With that pinky brown tablet that keeps me sane

Until such time as it works no more

Then I'll pray that there's a back-up somewhere in store

To prevent this imprisonment of my limbs

And the indescribable feeling it brings

This is my journey walk with me if you will

Bare witness to my decline until I am still

Laugh with me through each stage it brings

Keep me sane be my wings

For this is life and how else can we measure

The size of that contentment or laughter we so treasure

Unless we have a base line to compare it's weight

A burden to alternative fate...

So lift up stand proud and strong

Kick this leech where it belongs

Laugh until your sides grow sore

Explode those toxins 'till they damage no more

For if one morning I were to wake

And joyous laughter we did forsake

Then I would surely drown in sorrow

For what would be left to fill tomorrow

So keep me steady as I travel this road

As I battle whatever this illness may hold

Be patient for I’m trying, it’s not easy, you can’t see I’m struggling so hard to hold on to me…..…

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This is our journey walk with me if you will


hi royprop..could you relate to my words. I write about my own journey as I cannot speak for others. But if people can identify their own symptoms with mine I feel it helps somewhat. yes we can all walk together, its a long bumpy road but if fueled by laughter we can rise above those rocks now and then,,

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fueled by laughter - I bought elect toothbrush. I asked my wife why was it making a rattling sound. I may have assembled it wrong. I put toothpaste on the "brush" and tried to brush my teeth. With respect and not laughing, after she had a look, she suggested I first remove the clear plastic brush cover.


good one royprop...well that must have given you a reason to laugh and for those few moments the road was clear. now if we could just keep up that momentum sure we'd be flying...!!


Hi Marmaduke. Well done! That deserves to be published. I hope you are not as bad as you make it sound.

Kind regards



Excellent writing! You expressed it perfectly. Keep p:'( f5raying for a cure.


You've brought tears to my eyes this morning! I feel much the same though not able to put it so eloquently!

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marmaduke you have it right off to a ..T.. So well written . I am sure you are. Correct in saying how much others will relate to it .

I have just posted a reply saying not to feel upset when people tell you to keep moving all the time . it happened in our case . Family would keep telling him he had to keep moving or he wouldn't be able to if he didn't ,

I don't really know how much it was upsetting John but it certainly upset me hearing them say it . they haD no idea how hard we were both trying although I think the do now they see him . tHe look of apathy in the face gives a false impression . I tell them don't judge a book by its cover .


This is very good. Thank you for sharing.

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Wow..a real tear jerker!! You have a gift..continue to let it flow. It's therapeutic for you & us too. Thanks


Brought tears to my eyes...


Thankyou. everybody I appreciate all your comments


Thanks for the poetic summary of Life WITH PD. Nice to see someone still striving to live and artichlate life's blessings and perfidy.


How brave you are, writing about you feelings in such a clever humorous poem. I feel similar, so many aches, pains, similar limbs, difficulty swallowing, can't finish breath, something new every day. you have my sympathy and prayers.wish I could reply words of "HELP".

admiring Arthur 84


I'd Like to at my thanks can I share this?


Yes no problem...thankyou


Thanks for the encouraging comments everyone


Your writing is beautiful


What an eloquent poem that I can well relate to which retains a positive vibe!


Well done!


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