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I was diagnosed with Parkinson's about 17 months ago. My main problem is my balance. I do have tremors occasionally. I recently went to a new neurologist and he told me my balance issue is caused by spinal stenosis . Has anyone' in this group been diagnosed with that also.? I take Mirapex, Sinemet and Azilect. I don't have any energy and stay tired .I do the BIG therapy and it helps some. I am not able to walk in the neighborhood due to my balance.

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  • My husband also has spinal stenosis & a balance problem which got better for a while & is now worse than before. He goes to a neurologist at the Cleveland Clinic but was never told the balance problem was caused by spinal stenosis.

    If he stands for a short time, he feels as though he's going to fall forwards & has at times. He's lost his balance when bending down too.

    He is slowly being weaned off of Mirapex ER & also takes Sinemet & Azilect.

    At his last appointment we were hoping to have his Sinemet increased & thought that would help the balance issues. He was told that they're learning meds won't help with balance, but proper physical therapy & exercise should help. He has a refresher PT appt in a couple weeks. At the other two appts. he was taught how to improve his stride & 'power up' . "Power Up" is a term coined by his PT which reminds him to straighten his spine & shoulders, take a longer stride & not look down when he walks. There were a couple other simple exercises that we can't remember. All of which should help with balance.

    I guess I really didn't give you an answer, just shared his experience. I'm curious as to what the refresher PT appt will teach him. I'm encouraging him to strengthen his core muscles, stand with his feet farther apart, take bigger steps when he walks & to "power up" (walk straight).

  • Hi i was diagnosed with parkinsonissm but the inherited one about 8 years ago i also have spinal stenosis but dont know whether its due to my parkinsons or not. All i know is that all this was sparked due to a slipped disc, then all this began happening but the doctors say its not related, so i dont know. Now i have a spinal hernia and my sciatica nerve is trapped so im waiting to see the spinal surgeon,

  • Hello, I've had PD for 5years now and currently take Mirapex and Sinement 3 x daily. I was taking it 4 x and my symptoms increased. I have a tremor and stiffness on my right side and trouble with memory. I felt out of sorts until I decreased the dosage. Azilect did not agree with me. I Had surgery for spinal stenosis and sciatica pain in June and would recommend it if your in pain. I use a cane when walking by myself . Maybe a walker would help you. Hope this helped you some. Good luck 😊

  • Try using a walker for a stroll in your neighborhood. I have been doing this for several weeks now and I feel as if it is helping. My neighbors all wave to me and many of them stop to say hello and give me encouragement. That in of itself makes me feel better. Good luck! By the way, I was diagnosed in 2009 and now take sinemet every 3 hours, up to 5 per day. No other meds, as nothing additional seems to help.

  • I have spinal stenosis which shows up on an xray. Also diagnosed with PD about 5 years ago. To date I take no PD meds but so take some supplements. (Coconut Oil)

    I note my balance is off. I use leki walking poles when I walk for exercise. Really works fine for me.

  • how much coconut oil do you take

  • I use a formula called "Fuel for Thought". It is about 3 tbs twice a day.

    Check it out on the internet.

  • Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the central canal that the spinal cord passes through . The cord itself ends at L 2-3 and the cauda equina courses down to the remaining lumbo-sacral segments. If the stenosis is pressuring the posterior aspects of the cord it can decrease the proprioceptive sensory input nessacary for balance. Is there pain associated with your low back or pain in your legs? Weakness?

  • In my first post I should have said spinal scolosis instead of stenosis.

  • My husband is on medical marijuana. I have seen videos of people after they have taken it, and their balance is a lot better. He didn't have particularly bad balance, but it helps his tremors and moods.

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