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Diagnosed young

Hello, my wife was diagnosed with PD at 35 and at the time the doctors referred to her being in a "grey area" because of her age and if she was 20 years older the diagnosis would be definitive. We have struggled with medication combinations and dosages for 5 years now and just recently found Zandopa through a family friend who had remarkable results under similar circumstances. We are considering stopping completely with the prescribed medication as it makes her irritable and easily stressed and taking only Zandopa. Any recommendations as to dosage? We receive only tisk tisk from her doctors when we presented them with the Zandopa Idea and were chastised for thinking of stopping the meds.

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what meds is she taken or has taken


Hi Bailey1919, thanks for your note.

My wife is currently taking Clarium 50 mg and Madopar 100 mg. 100 mg of the Clarium, so 2 pills, and 100 mg of the Madopar. This combo she takes 4 times a day. Both are Rx meds, which I'm guessing you mean Pharmaceutical when you write Rx. Correct me if I have gotten that wrong.

We have heard from a few sources including a family friend that also takes it that Zandopa's side effects, while present at the onset of taking the product, were much less than anticipated and eventually subsided considerably over time.

Also we have heard that the long term effects on the body, particularly on the liver, were significantly less compared to Rx products. We are investigating this gradually but are looking for a way to approach this a bit more, lets say holistically or naturally as possible. That is not to say we will abandon the Rx but if we can combine and reduce one that would be a bonus for us.


Clarium is a dopamine agonist

Madopar is Levodopa

I would start with your DR. super vision

removing one Med and using the other in a different dose to see which one does the best job with the least side affects

god luck



has the same side affects as RX meds for PD

take caution

A drug is a drug man made or natural

does she take RX meds as RX

i tried the meds as RX

but adjusted them to suit me and they work great


I had DBS in March and went from taking 19 various pills a day to only 4.


what is your span of PD?? Are you happy with DBS.Is the Age is the factor for DBS?


Hi there, take control of the conversation you have with your wife's doctor/neurologist. In fact write him a letter detailing all that you have said in your post above and discuss each point when you next see him. Not good if the outcome is not satisfactory to you or your wife. Discuss the outcome you want from the PD meds and what should be prescribed to achieve the comfort level.

Along with taking the meds, I cannot over emphasise the need to exercise. It keeps the muscles toned and supple, releases endorphins that makes you feel good, makes you more alert, helps you sleep, etc

Reading up on Parkinson's and the progress that is being made in research and development gives you exposure on what new meds are available on the market.

Also, join the forum on Parkinson's UK site (if you are from these parts)

Join a support group. You get to meet and talk to people in similar situations and get intelligence feedback on drug, regimes, and you also derive knowledge/feedback from experienced people who have Parkinson's.


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