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Can't take no more

Can anybody give me advice please, I've had Parkinson's for the past 7or 8 years started when I was 47 but going a few years back Ive started to be jealous over my husband at work. I asked and he denies any wrong doing but on couple of occasions I've heard and seen movements I don't like, is it my treatment that's making me like this? But the problem is that he has lost interest in me and can be quiet cruel with his words. I've noticed we are getting more distant every time and his love for me is no longer there, it's very sad and frustrating for me, is it me or my treatment, please help!!

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It can be i was taking rytary and i became If I became suspicious of my wife of 45 years and now there was no reason for it other than the drugs

Once I was off that particular drug the feedings went away

the drugs could be clouding your judgement

you sound depressed

call your DR and go see him with your husband be frank and honest with him

that said

get your husband to go to a Parkinson's support group

they have seen it all and can help


Probably your meds. Try catering to him some more if necessary. It does wonders.


Are you on dopamine agonist treatment ? If you are not then I would say trust your gut feeling and find someone safe to share what you are noticing and feeling to help you make sense of it all. Good luck.


I would talk to your neurologist and ask (1) whether any of your meds can have this side effect, (2) if so, can your meds be changed, and (3) whether he/she can recommend a therapist who specializes in PD.


Please talk to your neurologist, it could be your medication. If it is not then ask your hubby to sit down and talk it over . Let him explain how he feels without interrupting and then you explain without interrupting . If you are unable to do this, talk to someone, a therapist, clergy member, etc.

Your husband may be standoffish because he is scared and unable to handle your illness. It would be helpful for the both of you to go to a group Parkinson's meeting.

I hope this helps. Please don't give up, if you want to save your marriage.

Only you know what is going on in your home. We can just offer a little help but you have to take the next step. I care, please let me know how you are doing.


I think you are the same person you were when you were married. You married when you were "in health" and now you are "in sickness", but you are still the same person. This may not help him, but if you know you're not a different woman than he the one he married, it might help you.

Have you had DBS? I had it a couple of months ago & I am so much better now. People say they can tell just by looking at me that I feel better. Think about it & get all the information you can.

I'll be thinking of you.

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A DBS box of tricks has to be configured for optimum performance. As appointments a fairly far apart and as adjustment requires some time after tweaking the DBS it can take a while to get things just right, Or so other people in this forum who have had the DBS say. Quite often seems to be about a year before the DBS is at its best.


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