Tremor, foe or perhaps friend?

Dr Berceli has put forward the idea that shaking is a therapeutic tool of the body as it attempts to regain homeostasis. However, most of us view our tremor as an embarrassment and an inconvenience. It is interesting that people with the non-tremor style of PD tend not to fare as well as those with a tremor. Berceli suggests that the body shakes out tension, trauma and stress at the cellular level where it can get stuck and lead to health problems. Personally, I have known for some time that, although I have a genetic susceptibility to developing PD, it's the traumas and stresses (unexpressed) over many many years that have led to its development. It is as though I've reached a time now when my body needs to release the build up. Dr Berceli has devised an exercise for trauma release called TRE which I am now using.


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  • Sounds like a advertisement

    "I have known for some time that, although I have a genetic susceptibility to developing PD, it's the traumas and stresses (unexpressed) over many many years that have led to its development." That is a bold statement or claim.

    Funny no one else on this planet knows what causes Parkinson's

    If you truly have tried it then comment on your results

  • Doesn't sound like an advertisement to me although you could take it that way I suppose. Its not uncommon for trauma or stress to cause something to develop which was waiting in the wings. My overtly strange symptoms, mainly tremor, developed after a car accident although looking back to REM disorder in my twenties it has been lurking for a while.

    On a slightly different tack, some people swear by the vibration based exercise machine - power plate (?)

  • I don't have tremors and now you've got me worried. can you qualify that remark?

  • "....many people report feelings of peace and well-being." Not what my tremors do for me.

  • Thanks. That was interesting.

  • On subject of tremor..who experiences them in hypothermic like state? I feel like I'm freezing ESP toes but 70 degrees in room. Hubby touches feet & not cold to touch. That is my "sign" going into tremor. Then my chest tremors like outside freezing cold. Anyone else feel hypothermic? Docs look at me like crazy... Daily I also have a " cell phone" vibrating inside me.

  • toes and right hand feel to be cold but are not

    i go out side in sun it helps

    just the air from a ceiling fan hurts my hand

    ac in house is the worst

    i wear gloves all year round it also helps

  • Yes, very cold, like internally cold not just the limbs. I drink ginger tea (strong and real ginger is best, but bags of it will do) and hot packs, exercise of course. It does increase my tremors like right away.

    Ive know folks with hypothyroidism that get cold and put ginger tea in a bath also. Hope it helps you

  • That really makes some sense to me. I had a very stressful relationship and there were times when i had terrible ague. Even my teeth would chatter.

  • Yes even teeth chatter! So I'm not alone!?!

  • please let us know how you did with the trauma work



  • I've been doing the exercise for four weeks. I'm feeling generally calmer and more relaxed. I'm trying to shift a lifetime of trauma and anxiety so think it's going to take quite a bit longer than four weeks! I think my tremor is less, but early days yet.

  • How is the Trauma work going Dap?

  • Still enjoy doing it! Feeling great. Don't seem to get so worked up about things.

    Was reading on (see 'Complimentary and Alternative therapies in PD') that 'whole body vibration' has been used to help physical capacity, balance, and quality of life among people with neurological conditions. I don't think they were referring to the shaking in TRE but there are similarities which is interesting. Have you tried TRE?. I learnt off the app.

  • Hi Dap,

    yes I tried the exercises from you tube and the first time was successful in whole body tremoring, but the second nothing, so haven't seen any improvement . What is the app called and how can i get it?


  • There's a link to the app on There's not enough on YouTube !

  • Thanks ---will try it.

  • going to get cosy with my "sexy" new old washing machine. yoke.

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