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It's been months since I've posted here. I had a laminectomy in June for ruptured herniated discs with bone spurs L3,4,5 and S1 with spinal stenosis etc. The sciatica pain was so bad and I'm so glad the surgery was a success . My pain from sciatica is gone , but the arthritis and other aches and pains are here. Who else has pain and what do you do to help elevate it?w

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  • Have you discussed the pain with your doctor? You need to be careful what you take so you don't set off new symptoms with your PD. Have you looked into Essential Oils at all? Young Living has a Deep Pain Relief roll on that works very well.

  • Thank you for the tip about the oils etc. I'll look into them.

    I am contacting the doctor about the pain,

  • Sorry, I hit the wrong button. I appreciate your advice.

  • good luck. Chronic pain can be debilitating

  • Hi Annie81963, I myself suffer from Parkinson's but the genetic one, also I have stenosis in my back and an herniated disc with the sciatic nerve compressed, I have been referred to the surgeon but don't know what they will do. Let's hope it's minor.

  • Hello, good luck with your pain. I was so relieved from sciatica pain after the surgery, I would recommend having it done. Keep me posted 😊

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