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Snow globe

I always loved those snow globes little tiny worlds that you shake and a cascade of glitter turns a tranquil scene into a kaladescope of chaos. A bit like my life.

I operate in a tiny world, it's self elected. I don't do politics, don't have TV, don't read about PD, and as you can see I don't engage too much. Am I lazy? Am I bored? Dull? Nope, I'm busy. Busy being well. Now believe me just lately focussing on wellness no illness has been mighty hard. PD and all it's complexity decided to lead me a merry dance. For a while even I went off track, and it's not good. But I have learnt something, when my little world got shook up and I span in glittery chaos thinking I'm

Never going to be able to get through this, I found in the end if you sit tight the storm settles. It truly does. So no matter how bad the storm, how desperate you feel, when you spin so hard you cannot cope .... Just hold on to your world it will pass. It will.

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As you say time heals all wounds .


You should see my snow globe, it's very big, huge actually. Come February it spins, it howls and blows, and snows all night and in the morning the snow and ice sparkle on the trees and roof and ground and not a thing moves yet, there is complete silence for a while. Then it spins again and more snow then again and again.

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Thanks Colleen, what a lovely post, and so very true xx


Wonderful attitude x


Lovely thoughts, thanks for posting


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