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A poem / as requested :-)

Where in the world would you go today

If you had the chance to chase the blues away

Where could you cry a thousand tears

And get rid of your most blacken fears

Where can you dance on broken feet

Or find the girl you'd like to meet

If by chance you could fly again

Where would that be, how? And when?

Where can such a place exist

Finding joy and peace on bended kiss

It's somewhere you always knew

It's right here inside of you

Don't search high and low for somewhere so dear

When all along it's simply here

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thank you


Thank you for coming back and the poem. I missed you.

When the denial is over, when the fear is gone, and panic leads to planning and understanding what is really important and we stop trying to be who we are no longer, and can not be and instead we can just be happy with what we are, then we have finally arrived at that place you speak of. We must find our own. We then waste no more time feeling sorry for our selves. We do what is best for us and our family and enjoy every moment we can and care little about what others think or demand of us and then understand why M.J Fox would say "I am a lucky man" because so am I .

Now you will go back to your paradise , your sheep or cows and your fog, and your drums and loved ones and I will live in mine, in the drifting white sparkling quiet snow.

Each to his own




Like is good

But it does not bump it to the front of recently active so others will notice


Very nice


Hi Colleen,

I have always found poetry very difficult to appreciate unless it is read to me. The cadence and tone, the volume and the body language of the reader that make the verse complete are all missing to a reader. Colleen your last bit of verse was grand and easily read by even the dullest of dullards. On that point I refer, of course, to me.


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