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Remember me

remember me I once stood proud

Not stooped and bent and lost in crowd

But tall and free of twisted limbs

As fast as dust blown in the wind

As happy as the gambolling lambs

As mad as hares in March abound

Remember me as thus you will

And keep the memories safe until

The day that we are all apart

Then each must join the others heart

And make a vow to keep the faith

Of friends who loved and thus are safe.

I have thr rare complication of camptocormia of parkinsons and elher danlos also

My foot has. Become deformed and my back is gent double making life very difficult does anyone else have this.

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No but I like your poem


Sounds very challenging


No but I have Parkinsons and my niece has Ehlers Danloss - a genetic connection?


Sorry to hear you have so many extra challanges, as PD is enough in itself! Please see

This article on Camptocormia suggested certain pharmaceutical treatments, botulinum toxin injections, surgical correction or deep brain stimulation as it sounds like conservative treatment has not been effective.

Hang in there!


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