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Speaking of the devil...(the flu )

About 2 days after my post "Do colds and flu seem worse if you have PD?", I started getting a sore throat for the first time about 6 months. I took my usual actions (constantly sip hot fluids, massive vit A and D, and zicam) and it was not a problem and after a few days it was gone. However, it did remind of something I had noticed before. Most PD symptoms disappear for about 2 days afterwards. I feel really good and normal. Anyone else notice this?

Constantly sipping hot fluids really helps stop the cold and flu. All the viruses lining the mouth and throat have a hard time surviving when your body raises your temp to only 103 F, and sipping 115 F all the time really puts a damper on them. I had noticed colds and flu popping up within hours of drinking a single beer or going to the gym. Now I wonder if it was just the coldness of the beer and the cold water fountain at the gym that was making an existing minor infection turn into a problem.

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