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the end of the race for a PD cure

What kind of a "race" is this?

"...any certified immunotherapy is at least six to seven years away". !!

While I've learned to not get too excited by medical developments in PD (and, in particular, to the time frames suggested) it's hard not to feel a tinge of hope when reading this piece from today's Boston Globe. Hope...even if it's overshadowed by a dark 198 year old past.

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it's direct quote from it before criticizing pls :) as for LDN, don't know what or where this is - i don't pro-port to be an a expert, but if u have some info that would others, pls do share it here or point the reader to it. thanks. good luck and cheers rk

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LDN is very interesting. Could you report the Parkinson's info to the yahoo LDN group. My husband slowly worked up to 4.5 msg at night and has been there for about 9 months now. His doctor prescribed it with our urging to let him try. She could find nothing bad about it so agreed. We are looking not to reverse the pd, but to keep it from progressing. The neurologist thinks he is better. He has stopped all Ned's because of the side effects they had. I think he is better, not back to normal, but better. I don't think it can hurt and it could help. There are not many choices here - certainly worth a try!!


I have concern for those who put their hope in the mainstream medicine and the focus on alpha synucleon immunotherapy, for a cure. Look for research evidence that this protein cause PD, its not there. alpha synucleon is present certainly, but like Lewy Bodies, always as an effect, not a cause. MPTP was a designer drug that causes PD like symptoms. It is a cause, it is not alpha synucleon.. Think about a cure for PD (hopefully someday). My perspective, I am a PwP, diagnosed 11 years ago, I have extreme gait problems. This is caused apparently by massive damage to my dopamine system in my black neucleus and striatem A cure for a disease, polio for example, is disease prevention. The polio vaccine causes the body to develop antibodies that prevent the polio virus (the cause) from setting up in the body. These antibodies don't fix the damage already done if someone already had polio. They don't reverse the disease, My immediate problem is how PD expresses itself in my body. I am interested in symptoms being restored. Here there is great hope. At the University of Wisconsin at Madison, a research group has developed a noninvasive Personal Neuromodulation Stimulator.(PoNS). It reverses gait symptoms among others.. I suggest hope that the opportunity for PwP,like myself are provided this opportunity.



Whoa -- good story. I'm forwarding this to several people. Thanks for posting it, "Dad."


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