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just been diagnosed with Parkinsons. struggling with meds. On Sinemet 25/100 3 times a day. Hair is falling out. Can anyone help? Does it stop. Also balance bad as swaying. Janx

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how old are you

do not wait do not think about it just do it

i write to you with tears in my eyes i believe with all my heart and soul that this will improve your life

you have a chance of a life time to help control your PD you need to start a exercise program as soon as possible you can slow or reverse the effects of Pd and reduce your need for as much meds

any fast pace and varied exercise that pushes you to be stronger everyday will help

but i am a living example of what exercise will do for you if you are not able to do extreme exercise do what you can do the research and you will find a lot of people that agree with me

I stared crossfit in my 9th year of my Pd and am now better than i was 5 years ago

this is me i work out 5 or 6 times a week

good luck kick and fight for your life it gives something to focus on look forward and kick Pd's butt

we (all PD people) have been there and done that so lean on us we will hold you up

the exercise will help with all your problems

with great hope for you


CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity. Ok, now that you are saying “What the *@$&”, let’s break that statement down. A functional movement is a movement that incorporates multiple joints and can move a large amount of weight over great distances in a short amount of time. By constantly varied we mean that we do not repeat specific movements regularly as part of the main workout. High intensity means that we do these movements as fast as possible as part of a timed work out in order to move as much weight over a long distance in as short amount of time as possible. Why do we do things this way in CrossFit? Well, we are trying to increase your power output (Power= (Weight*Distance)/Time) across broad, time and modal domains. CrossFit is designed for this singular purpose. We want to turn each and everyone of our athletes into a race horse, not a show horse, aesthetics are purely a by-product.

Fitness is most easily described through the 10 general physical skills: cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, agility, speed, coordination, balance, and accuracy. In CrossFit, we believe that you are only as fit as you are competent in each of those skills, which requires a wide variety of exercises and workouts. This type of fitness breeds general physical preparedness, which simply means that you are not a master of one skill, but are prepared for all of them. Fitness also includes eating healthy, which is as simple as eating lean meats, fruits and vegetables, and some nuts. Being fit is not merely being healthy, it is a higher standard and harder to achieve.

typical work out

can be adjusted for your fitness level

about one hour

all done supervised by 1 or 2 trainers

PreWod (wod is work out of the day)

Warm Up

Run 200meters


30 Good Morning 945 pound bar across shoulder bend over at waist)

20 Hollow Rocks (lay on floor and rock back and forth)

20 Arch Rocks (lay on floor on back and rock back and forth)


3 RM Deadlift (I did 295 pounds)




8 Min Amrap (as many reps as possible)

5 HSPU (hand stand push up)

7 TTB (toes to bar hang from pull up bar and touch toes to bar)

9 Burpees

Cool Down

Walk 200m

Janx in reply to Hidden

Hi I am 66 and used to be very active... Janx

Hidden in reply to Janx

get active and stay active it will improve every aspect of your life including your PD


My hair was falling out not so much anymore, it was also very gray. Have you had your thyroid checked, this gets missed a lot for the men for doctors only see females with hypothyroidism. I was normal and took a drop of iodine seems to have helped, and B6 also replaces what is lost with Sinemet.

Janx in reply to Hidden

Had thyroid and appears to be good.

what drugs are on

Sinemet 25/100 three times a day is "standard" treatment. I chose to start with mucuna (actually it's fava bean in capsule form) and when I did choose to start sinemet, I only took 1/2 a pill and I am only taking it twice a day.

My exercise is swimming and stationary biking. Exercise is incredibly important.

Best of luck.

stevie3 in reply to Allyn

Hey Allyn - I've just purchased some Mucuna capsules. I'm not yet on any medications for my PD. I wondered what does you were using?

Allyn in reply to stevie3

Hi Stevie, I take a Mucuna which contains 600mg per tablet - I take 4 a day (2 early am and 2 around 1-2 pm. I think it helps me - adding just 1/2 a sinemet at the same times helped even more.

I started taking Mucuna when it was going to be 5 months before I could see a neuro after I (self diagnosed) noticed parkinson's. I wanted to do Something! Then after reading about all the side effects of parkinson medications, I'm glad I didn't get the appointment quickly.

I had lots of time to research herbs and exercise programs.

Good luck


stevie3 in reply to Allyn

Thanks Allyn. I've seen a neurologist three times - have a definite diagnosis but not on any drugs yet. I have noticed I'm getting worse - less steady and slower and I guess my main worry is that my driving could be affected although it isn't yet. I have to drive to get to work. My next appointment is in January and I've asked for it to be brought forward. I've heard nothing so I'm investigating alternatives. I have an exercise programme and I've bought some Mucuna. I will start with two capsules a day and see where I go from there. I appreciate your response.

hanifab23 in reply to Allyn

please tell me what the brand name

Allyn in reply to hanifab23

I use Himalaya brand. 100% organic.

hanifab23 in reply to Allyn

HI Allyn

Thank you is there a site I can go to

Learn all you can about PD. Join a support Group. You can learn so much from others. Have your thyroid checked. That can cause hair loss. Prepare for your MD appts. Make a list of your concerns. Write down dates and times things happen to you . For example your balance issues. Is it only when you first stand up or all the time. Make sure you are taking meds on an empty stomach for best absorption.

Do NOT blame everything on PD. Be your own advocate and do not back down if your questions are not answered.

Have you had your thyroid levels checked? Hypo or hyperthyroidism can cause this hair falling out situation.

Janx in reply to Dinolulu

Did awhile ago but will have it rechecked. Hair falling out in buundles.

Thanks for all the replies will respond later in week as dayran away. Janx

Have you experienced hair loss on Madopar and amantadine? hair still falling out

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