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Walter Lewin and PD

Here's another example of a "high performing" PD patient. It's seems if there is something you really love, you will continue doing it even with PD, and probably delaying and diminishing the effects of it. Unless your thing requires a lot of sitting and hard thinking in a stressful environment, which is very strongly correlated with getting PD. It seems like video games make mine worse.

The most famous teacher in physics these days is Walter Lewin who's 1999 MIT lectures to 1st year college students became viral on youtube. I recommend anyone with an interest in physics and good algebra skills to watch them because they are the best physics lectures anywhere.

In the 1999 lectures, you can see typical Parkinson's tremors. In almost every lecture he will stress a certain point and say "Now I have to tell you, I could not sleep at all last night....". Then in 2013 he was sanctioned by MIT at the age of 78, removing his tenured professor status and videos from their web page as a result of ONLINE sexual harassment. It seems to me MIT could have investigated this a little better and given him a pardon based on his disease. There's something like a 99% chance that he was on one of the drugs that causes hypersexuality.

Here's his last lecture at MIT in 2011

Here's some students that filmed an impromptu lunch conversation with him:

His most popular video got 1 million shows how good he is at doing dotted lines on a chalk board:

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