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Has anyone experienced chemotherapy along with their PD?

Has anyone experienced chemotherapy alongside their PD? I am a 74 year old (male) diagnose with PD 5/6 years ago. 2/3 years ago I got prostate cancer and was treated with massses of radiation, effective up to a point when it broke out again in my spine and ribs. This time it's incurable. I am back on hormone treatment but the oncologiist is suggesting chemo. This would occur earlier in the cancer treatment compared with former practice and may add 2 years to my life. I have reasons for accepting this treatment and reasons against. I have spoken to my PD specialist who sees no medical reason against it but I am personally wary of having chemo alongside PD which will obviously continue to progress in its own way.

As with PD, patients vary greatly in their response to chemo, so if anyone has been in this position I'd like to hear from them. Manay thanks

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Whoops have a lovely holiday and I always say when things change such as using a hospital bed or even moving the bed downstairs it's not giving in just being able to cope with it a bit easier

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I am definitely with you on this. A positive outlook makes all the difference. Although it is hard to be positive when exhausted. So being kind to oneself is just as important, like getting enough sleep.


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