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Focused Ultrasound for Tremor-Dominant PD

Among the more viable treatment options for life-restricting movement disorders:

Current Michael J Fox sponsored study at University of Virginia (seeking subjects age 30 yrs and older demonstrating "severe resting tremor or postural/action as measured by UPDRS"): foxtrialfinder.michaeljfox.... (similar MJFF sponsored studies accepting subjects with a broader range of "treatment refractory" symptoms are taking place in Toronto, Canada)

*VDO of treament/outcomes (Toronto):

And: (FF to minute 6:28 to 8:40 for PD-specific application by Dr. Elias at UVA):

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Looks great for some serious conditions. The video is about essential tremor, not directly PD, although some PD patients may have been involved. It is destroying thalamus tissue, so you have to wonder what the adverse effects are. As long as the quality of life scores get a lot better, adverse effects must not be nearly as bad as the original tremors.


Studies using this technology are being conducted around the world on tremor dominant PD along with many other conditions. The case studies show a significant reduction in symptoms. Here's a link to a study published this past June.

It looks very promising. I have not seen any adverse symptoms mentioned. The targeting of tissue is very precise and is adjusted in real time as the patient is having an MRI as the ultrasound is being administered.


Thank you for sharing this link. It mentions a specific PD patient who appears to have moderate to severe symptoms? The good news: Clinically, MRIgFUS intervention resulted in a prompt and complete suppression of the tremor, improvement of gait, posturing and rigor (9 months follow up) leading to significant improvement of quality of life.

This looks like a study worth tracking.