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Your Best Medicine Discovery

My biggest advancements in MEDs has been the addition of Orphenadrine to my existing regimen,100mg morning and midday. I was provided this for back pain due to home remodeling activities (sometimes I refuse to slow down and yes often I pay for it later). To my surprise one of this drug's side effect was to vastly improved my movement issues and basically eliminated my muscle stiffness and pain .... when I ran out of my back medicine my pain and movement issues both increased again (I have always had almost crippiling left side shoulder, neck and lower left rear headaches). Previously I also had frozen shoulder surgery on this same left shoulder, a very severe case that required the removal of massive scar tissue.

I am lucky to have a neuro that gave an ongoing script for the Orphenadrine. I do get benefits from LDN but the Orphenadrine has been my savior.

Tell us about your best medicine reults

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Hi there,

I was prescribed Orphenadrine a few years ago by my consultant who is a geriatrician. At the time it was considered old fashioned here in UK & thus not much used. For the three years I took it my condition improved as did yours. I had to give it up because I started to experience symptoms of dementia which can be a side effect of an accumulation of the drug. I wish you well.

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As I have said previously, it is not just alleviating symptoms, its slowing progression. Azilect seems to do the later for me.

For symptoms, exercise is best medicine by far!

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Is there some way to buy phenadrine in the U.S.?


Could you tell me about your shoulder surgery. What means frozen surgery?

I am 70 years old, have Parkinson and I have a previously surgery because y Broke my shoulder.

Also, I ask you please, about the Orphenadrine.

Thank you very much for your answer.