Did you have chronic strep early in life?

I am following up on the gut/microbiome work of Dr. Filip Scheperjan's in Finland. In speaking with my husband who has Parkinson's I learned that he suffered from chronic strep as a child in to early adulthood and was treated repeatedly with Augmentin and various antibiotics in that family. It occurred to me that some other Parky's I have been interviewing to build a "life history" questionaire also indicated a history of early strep. So I followed up with some others and BINGO - same thing. I posted on one of the early onset Facebook pages and got a high level of response as well. Please post here if you had a history of strep and were treated repeatedly with antibiotics early in life. Also, you can email me directly at martha.carlin@thebiocollective.com if you want to provide more information outside of the forum. I believe that there is a connection here to one of the bacteria that is shown in high presence in the Parkinson's gut from Dr. Scheperjan's work.


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  • I had repeated "sore throats" as a child, always treated with a shot of penicillin. The shots would knock me out for a day. I recollect it happening 2, 3, 4 times a year. It was my number one childhood health problem. This was 1950s-60s. I was diagnosed with PD at age 51, 11 years ago..

  • I was treated almost monthly for "tonsillitis," sore throat and strep from birth to age 8 with penicillin. This was in the 1950's. I was diagnosed with PD in 2007

  • Thank you. I may be recruiting participants to provide stool samples for a study very soon.

  • I was born in England in 1944. The only childhood illness I had was tonsillitis and it occurred fairly frequently until I was a teenager and the treatment was penicillin . I was diagnosed two years ago at 69.

  • Penicillin would be in the family of antibiotics that I am looking at.

  • I had a severe case of strep I was in high school. I also have had a knee joint replaed and take an antibiotic every time I go to the dentist even for routine cleaning.

  • I am putting together a small research project that will be collecting stool samples very soon. I believe I have a very promising theory.

  • I may be recruiting participants to provide stool samples for a study very soon.

  • I can't imagine how you will manage this, Where are you?

  • Strep every year until I was 12, pink penicillin double dose at 12 and I never got it after that. I remember at age 16 have terrible gas pains in stomach when I ate cheese. On and off gassy and would get itchy all over.I took some grapefruit extract and that helped. I'm sure I had candida. I thinking of try all natural turpinetine it's kills fungas and parasites without harming good bacteria .

  • I'm in the United States working with researchers here but also with a researcher in Finland. We can recruit clinicians to participate and gather stool samples in most EU Countries.

  • I got rheumatic fever from strep and was treated with penicillin as a child 8n the late 1950s. Now have non motor pd and am tak8ng c/l.

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