Did you have chronic strep early in life?

I am following up on the gut/microbiome work of Dr. Filip Scheperjan's in Finland. In speaking with my husband who has Parkinson's I learned that he suffered from chronic strep as a child in to early adulthood and was treated repeatedly with Augmentin and various antibiotics in that family. It occurred to me that some other Parky's I have been interviewing to build a "life history" questionaire also indicated a history of early strep. So I followed up with some others and BINGO - same thing. I posted on one of the early onset Facebook pages and got a high level of response as well. Please post here if you had a history of strep and were treated repeatedly with antibiotics early in life. Also, you can email me directly at martha.carlin@thebiocollective.com if you want to provide more information outside of the forum. I believe that there is a connection here to one of the bacteria that is shown in high presence in the Parkinson's gut from Dr. Scheperjan's work.


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  • I had repeated "sore throats" as a child, always treated with a shot of penicillin. The shots would knock me out for a day. I recollect it happening 2, 3, 4 times a year. It was my number one childhood health problem. This was 1950s-60s. I was diagnosed with PD at age 51, 11 years ago..

  • I was treated almost monthly for "tonsillitis," sore throat and strep from birth to age 8 with penicillin. This was in the 1950's. I was diagnosed with PD in 2007

  • Thank you. I may be recruiting participants to provide stool samples for a study very soon.

  • I was born in England in 1944. The only childhood illness I had was tonsillitis and it occurred fairly frequently until I was a teenager and the treatment was penicillin . I was diagnosed two years ago at 69.

  • Penicillin would be in the family of antibiotics that I am looking at.

  • I had a severe case of strep I was in high school. I also have had a knee joint replaed and take an antibiotic every time I go to the dentist even for routine cleaning.

  • I am putting together a small research project that will be collecting stool samples very soon. I believe I have a very promising theory.

  • I may be recruiting participants to provide stool samples for a study very soon.

  • I can't imagine how you will manage this, Where are you?

  • Strep every year until I was 12, pink penicillin double dose at 12 and I never got it after that. I remember at age 16 have terrible gas pains in stomach when I ate cheese. On and off gassy and would get itchy all over.I took some grapefruit extract and that helped. I'm sure I had candida. I thinking of try all natural turpinetine it's kills fungas and parasites without harming good bacteria .

  • I'm in the United States working with researchers here but also with a researcher in Finland. We can recruit clinicians to participate and gather stool samples in most EU Countries.

  • I got rheumatic fever from strep and was treated with penicillin as a child 8n the late 1950s. Now have non motor pd and am tak8ng c/l.

  • Yes. I was treated with penicillin for strep which led to rheumatic fever for a few years ages 10 thru 12.

  • I'm 46 and still have strep throat once or twice a year. I'm considered a probable strep carrier. I haven't been officially diagnosed with Parkinson's but will probably be very soon. My symptoms worsened significantly not long after my recent bout of strep, the second one this year, which landed me in the ER with near septic shock within two days of first symptoms. I'm very interested in this connection!!

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