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Because we all need HOPE

I was diagnosed less than a year ago at age 56. Looking back I feel that I started with symptoms in early 2012. Anyway..... I love all the posts regarding what medication works and doesn't and I'm currently only on Acilac for about four months now.

All that aside what I'd really like to share with everyone was this wonderful podcast that I found about eight months ago and I think everyone should listen to it. The speaker who talks about Parkinson's isn't until about 40 minutes or so. so you might want to fast-forward but it's well worth listening to and encouraging that there are global Summit regarding treatments for Parkinson's and a cure. The enthusiasm of these scientists involvement with the cure for Parkinson's disease is just completely reassuring. ENJOY:

From the Stem Cell Podcast:



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Hi, I had never heard of Acilac and discovered it's a laxative. Did you mean that you are taking AZILECT? Yup, I think stem cells is going to be the cure. My son just started AZILECT (2 days ago). I heard it takes 8-14 weeks for full effect. When did you notice Azilect's effectiveness?


Due to my experiences starting on levadopa drugs with awful side effects and no benefit I'm not keen on trying them again (until things get worse I suppose) so the dr put me on Selegeline which is a MAO B Inhibitor like Azilect. I've been on it now for a year or so, don't notice any improvement in physical symptoms but on the other hand no side effects thankfully. The perhaps benefit of it though is that it's also a mild antidepressant and either I've got used to the idea of having PD now and so am not so down, or else it's working. Either way clearly life as I know it isn't over and I'm enjoying it again.

ps too funny about the laxative!!


You won't noticed it worked until you get off it for about three weeks. I've done this regularly (maybe once a year) because blood pressure would slowly creep up due to Azilect and whatever I ate that I should have avoided (like aged cheese).

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