The latest BUZZWORD is NEUROPLASTICITY! Does everybody know what it means? It means that our brains keep changing. When we learn anything new or perform a new action or think new thoughts OUR BRAINS CHANGE.

This is exciting for Parkinson's Disease Patients because by doing things differently they can change the way their brains work.

This is why I am now able to live a normal life again. I am not cured but I no longer need to take ANY PD MEDICATION!

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  • Hallo John.

    It is so wonderful what you have done. You are an example for us all. Hope to see you soon in Holland . Love Josie

  • Hi Josie.

    I hope you are well now and your hospital trip was worthwhile. I look forward to seeing you in Holland soon.

    Kind regards


  • Great for you John Pepper, no meds....

    Are you the one with the book?

  • Hi Mtnstream. I am a Pd patient who has written a book yes!

    Before I go any further I want to show you a very important video I have just watched:

    It explains what have been able to achieve, not knowing that I was doing it.

    My book has come down from $33 to $15 due to changing exchange rates and volumes. You don't have to spend a cent on doing what I do, you can read everything on my website:

    and it won't cost you a cent. Join lots of other patients and turn your life around.

    Good luck


  • Hi John;

    I bless you with a wonderful t rip!! Thank you for doing this. I am sure your story will uplift hundres of people.

    In loving kindness, Eva Gabrielle


  • Thanks Eva. With people like you I cannot fail in my attempt to change people's attitude towards the way they deal with their Pd.


  • Please say how you did this. I am a new user to the site.

  • I am new too so please explain

  • Hi Skymom & Mogme. Pd affects any movement that we do without having to think about it. For instance, When you walk you do not have to think about what you are doing. Your subconscious brain handles all that. The same goes for writing and bringing food to your mouth and many other things.

    I found that when I CONSCIOUSLY THINK about the ACTUAL MOVEMENTS, I can walk normally and bring food to my mouth without spilling it.

    Many people have found this difficult to understand. So I have booked a trip to England and Holland to physically show patents how to do this very simple thing. If you live in either of these countries you can contact me at

    I have also decided to do a talking tour of North America and Australia next year. so watch this space.

    Good luck


  • When and where is your trip to England?

  • onHi MadgeB. I leave SA on 14th September and leave on 28th. I will speak in Shaftsbury on 17th, Bristol on 18th, Richmond on 18th and Ashford on 22nd. I am hoping to speak at Romsey on 24th.

    These talks have been organised by several people in England and I can give you more details on

  • Hi. I tried 3 times to send my previous reply and it went wrong each time. Here is what I actually said: I will speak in Shaftsbury on 17th, Bristol on 18th, Richmond on 19th and Ashford on 22nd. I am hoping to speak at Romsey on 24th.


  • Please come to Salt Lake City, Utah??

  • Hi Stargate. I will go anywhere to help people to overcome their Pd. Will you email me with your details and I will add you to my list of places to talk.


  • I just sent you an email with the information:)

    PEACE !

  • Thanks Eva


  • Thanks. I am iñ Wales and my daughter is in Yorkshire. Shame none of your talks are in our area

    Good luck with your trip.

  • Hi. Isn't Bristol near Wales?


  • Near South Wales, too far from us unfortunately

  • so learning a new instrument would be beneficial?

  • Hi Mtnstream. It certainly will. But what is difficult about walking fast in between music lessons?

    Good luck with the music.


  • why would I walk fast? my tremors get worse, so I walk moderately with my arms swinging but not tremoring, then my leg gets worse. I have found that gentle movements like yoga are more helpful. Is that unusual?

  • Hi Mtnstream. We are all different, and we all have to find our own way to reach our goals.

    Our brains produce a substance called GDNF (Glial Derived Neurotrophic Factor) which repairs the damaged brain cells. The brain does this when it thinks we are in danger (Fight or Flight). Fast walking has been shown in extensive tests to be the best way to bring this all about. So! Yoga does nothing to produce GDNF. Yoga is good for us, but does nothing for your Pd.

    You may have to start your fast walking program with just a few minutes of fast walking every 2nd day. At the end of the 2nd week, you can increase the time spent walking by a few minutes. Don't be impatient! keep walking for the same time for the next 2 weeks before increasing it. After 4 or 5 months you will reach one hour, and you will find that you not only got faster but you got a lot fitter.

    Try it, it will change your life.

    Good luck


  • Hi John,

    Thanks for the info. I have been walking fast because of restless legs (not the syndrome) but certainly fight or flight was there. I got in with a functional physician who is helping me get rid of heavy metals, and providing drainage, long story.

    I didn't make myself clear before, I don't LIKE to walk fast, but I end up even lightly jogging around my circle in the house to possible increase the endorphins. Yoga calms me down after I do the stuff that gets my heart rate up.

    Yesterday was the best day in a year or more. I'm probably doing more of your program already than I realize. My brain/memory are still not working properly so understand I don't respond the way I would like to sometimes.

    Blessings, Susanne

  • Hi Susanne. Have you tried Su Doku puzzles? If so, are you able to do them? Alternatively, cryptic crossword puzzles work wonders. This is not short-term but long-term. Every day I do Su Doku puzzles. I have books and books of them. You might find it boring but it is much more boring not being able to remember simple things!

    Good luck


  • I have been doing

    what do u think vs, Su Doku?

  • Hi John;

    Thanks for loggin this info here...

    Everything starts with a thought.

    The mind rules the body.

    Thoughts held in mind produce after its kind!

    They tell us we can change the way we think, but they don't tell us how to..

    I can tell you because I have been a student of Science of Mind for 30 some years, and teacher of the same science for 25 years.

    When I catch myself feeling weakened by symptoms, I say an AFFIRMATION OVER AND OVER AGAIN,maybe 12 timess at a time.


    Try it and pay attention to how it makes you feel :)

    With all my love, Eva G


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