Neurological disease?

Hi all, Just a shot in the dark here. My sister has been diagnosed with a rare condition called Empty Seller Syndrome ESS for short. This is a problem with the pituitary gland which causes lots of miserable things mainly headaches pressure build up, sight problems, dizziness, black blacks, she's lost her job due to illness it's sad to see her. Anyway she has to attend for a session of treatment where through a hole in her back they do some sort of lumber puncture to release the pressure in her head, this gives temporary relief sometimes just for a few days, and she can only have this done so many times.

This must be a neurological disorder due to her seeing a neuro at the hospital appointments.

I wanted to see if I could find a specialist who specialises in this complaint? I have tried google searching for ESS neuro UK, but come up with nothing, I have messaged the pituitary foundation to ask them also. Has anyone any ideas or any knowledge of this condition please? Regards to all love G🌝

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  • Shhhh wont tell be ready no sauce x

  • Sorry???

  • Look up Empty SELLA Syndrome. There's lots.

  • Thanks maddie, I have looked up lots but can't find any specialists that deal with the complaint 🌝

  • Hi font realy know anything about it. Have you tried looking for specislists through the Nuffeild Hospital in Oxford. I have been treated there for nerological issues over ten years. They are also a research hospital. Just a thougjt.

    Hope you find someone x

  • It's primarily connected to pituitary dysfunction. Try here:

  • great thank you maddie x

  • Hi Allofatremor.

    Look at this video it might help you:

    Good luck


  • Thank you John really found this fascinating, I will take a leaf out of this for myself, and will pass it on to my brothers with prostate cancer, and my husband with PD, and myself for every day positivity, keep up the good work which I'm sure you will 💜

  • Hi. Yes I am stepping up my campaign to make people aware that there is a lot we can do to slow down or even stop the progression of Pd. Watch this space!


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