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Online book on Parkinson's is free and lots of fun

Want to read a book on Parkinson's that is not only enlightening and chock full of interesting information, but is almost too much fun to put down? I found that "The Strange Case of Dr. Parkinson" by the Spanish neurologist Rafael Gonzalez Maldonado, M.D. fits that description. First published in Spanish in1997, it was translated into English the following year. You can purchase it from internet booksellers, of course, but even better, it is available for free online as a pdf file at

-- which is how I read it.

As far as I could see, the references at the back of this book do not run later than 1996. But neither is the book so dated as to lose its value--Deep Brain Stimulation, which was just getting started at the time this book came out--and the developments leading up to DBS--are described. Anyway, the book is so appealing and informative that worries about its up-to-dateness did not disturb me or detract from my enjoyment.

Please don't be alarmed when you see that the captions of figures are still in Spanish. You can view this as a gentle encouragement to stretch your linguistic muscles, if, like myself, you have never studied Spanish.

Dr. Maldonado also has written a number of other books, most of which have not been translated into English. One exception is the paperback "Mucuna versus Parkinson: Treatment with natural levodopa" (August, 2014), which (based on a cursory glance within) highlights the many positive research findings on this natural medicine for Parkinson's.

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Just read it. Lot's of information and took lots of notes. Many thanks for sharing!


My pleasure

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