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I'm switching my brand of curcumin to CurcuWIN

I decided on this based on a recent report on the different turmeric/ curcumin products by ConsumerLab and some additional research of my own. For details, see my blog post -- bit.ly/1gWZVts

The clincher for me was this quote from Pete's Place Nutritional Supplement Blog:

"The results are clear and unequivocal -- CurcuWIN handily beats the pants off any other product currently on the market."

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I was surprised to find absolutely no mention of any of the curcumin products licensed to use the bioavailable 'Longvida' version (65x more bioavailable than regular curcumin) anywhere in the ConsumerLab reviews. Either they're behind the times, or they operate on kick-backs(?). There are a few companies currently licensed to use the technology in their superior versions of this amazing supplement.

For summary of Longvida: longvida.com/ (click links on right side of main page for in depth details)


Recent Amazon 1-star review of the Curcuwin product FYI:

"Very deceptive! They are measuring inactivated curcumin and comparing to Longvida's active curcumin in blood!"

By Amazon Customer on April 14, 2015

Verified Purchase

"Their research mentioned in Product Description distorts the facts. They measured inactive curcumin in the bloodstream and then compared it to active, free curcumin measured in Longvida's testing. The fact is that almost all of the curcumin measured in the bloodstream with Curcuwin is inactivated by enzymes and is not effective at all. Only Longvida has published graphs of actual active Curcumin in the blood vs time. Most brands, including Curcuwin have deliver measurable active curcumin to the blood."


Thanks a lot! I'll do some checking and post an appropriate caution re my original post on CurcuWIN.


Hi Tyzack,

Well isn't that odd? It's the first other than Margot that someone has reported issues like this.

I just copied your post and sent it as a PM directly to our HU support person. I'll let you know what they find when they look into it. They're very pro-active about addressing issues like this.




And another thanks. This exchange proves the value of getting the forum to check out my blog posts.


You're welcome - I suspect that you (like me) have little tolerance for the shysters.


You got that right!


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