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Not sure if it's anxiety

Morning are generally good for me so I usually plan my exercises and physical activities during that time frame. If I am over tired, or its hot outside or if I done too much, all my sensory perceptions feel like they are being overstimulated and then I problems with my balance and concentration. The dyskinesia is so bad I am completely inconpasitated. I am not sure whether this due to my meds or anxiety. Does anyone else suffer anything similar

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What is dyskinesia? (MJFF)

Dyskinesia is a difficulty or distortion in performing voluntary movements, which often occurs as a side effect of long-term therapy with levodopa. But it can also result from prolonged use of certain antipsychotics. Dyskinetic movements look like smooth tics — sometimes like an uncoordinated dance. People who experience dyskinesia sometimes mask the involuntary movement with finalistic movements (if the arm starts moving on its own, they might bring it to their head and adjust their hair, as if it was planned). Regretfully, we don’t yet have a specific therapy for dyskinesia. It normally improves with a reduction or redistribution of levodopa therapy, but this also is typically followed by an increase in rigidity or tremors, so it is hardly a solution.

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Thank you for your articulate definition of Dyskenisia and what occurs if the dose is reduced. I have been realizing I need to reduce the dosage but it so very difficult. Almost consumes my day with pills.


Yes, I have over whelming anxiety, I really breathe alot while doing my AM exercises. My neuro gave me an anti-seizure med for anxiety called Lamictil and it works pretty well. But I also do meditation twice a day morning and night, with prayer and this also helps, so I can get off the anti-seizure med, I don't have seizures, and want as little med as possible.


Many of us have anxiety issues that can be more disabling than the motor symptoms. It can also be medication related. Discuss it with your Doc. Klonazapam can be a life saver. Meditation and psychotherapy.... CBT, cognitive behavioral therapy are also extremely important therapies.


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