Mayonnaise for PD?

I don't like coconut oil. I like mayonnaise. And now they have them with no saturated fast and high omega threes. It seems to work A LOT better than coconut oil. my thinking is much clearer at least half a day after have 1 part bread to 2 parts mayonnaise. A tablespoon does my brain really, really, good. I feel better, can concentrate, and don't have that stress line down the middle of my forehead. Try it on a day, off a day, and report back to us in a week. If you've followed my posts, you know I try everything. I might have to rank mayonnaise up there with exercise. Sure, olive oil will work as well, and I really have good days when I eat a lot of peanut butter. But why be boring? Try mayonnaise because it's funny.

The compromised energy producing mitochondria seems to be the key. Oils prevent the damaged cells from using sugar "fermentation" (anaerobic) pathways. and forces them to use oxygen to burn the oils. Exercise floods them with oxygen. CPAP breathing machines help. Hyperbaric oxygen chamber helps. Oils before bed (with plenty of water to hepp process them) seems like it might work, but I haven't tested it very well. Sugary and hugh glycemic food seems like a big no no, but men should NOT avoid apples.

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  • Hey Zawy, I think you forgot to mention a couple of the most critical elements to your ritual: it's essential that, prior to ingesting the "1 part bread to 2 parts mayonnaise" formula, you first don a flowered garland, burn two sticks of incense, clap your hands 3 times, and let out a long, screeching howl - doing this 3 times a day REALLY puts a whammer-jammer on that "stress line down the middle of [your] forehead"!!!

  • If I still had a sense of humor these days, i'd think that was funny.

  • not funny!! we, who have Parkinson's will try much advice, no need to make fun ....

  • Great. So go make yourself a double-decker mayonnaise sandwich, minnie, and report back once you're cured.

    Ultimately you'll find the flowered garland, sticks of incense, clapping of hands, and long, screeching howl equally effective.

  • never said anything about 'being cured" your picture seems to reflect your attitude.....

  • by the way, (81) when i was a farm girl many moons ago, i ate lots of mayo sandwiches

  • Minnie! You ate "lots of mayo sandwiches" as a child?!? I think we've just discovered the CAUSE OF PARKINSON'S DISEASE!!! We must arrange an immediate press release!

    BTW: Are you implying that my picture betrays my warm, cuddly, charming nature?!? I'm crushed...

    BTW: When you were a farm girl mayonnaise actually contained a few healthy ingredients - times have changed...

  • Being a farm girl increases chances of PD, probably due to pesticides. What was the old american non-soybean oil form of mayo anyway? Lard? The origin in many places appears to have been olive oil.

    As I said before, I am talking only about canola oil type mayonnaise. I didn't realize it was a canola type until after I noticed the benefits and looked at the jar. Then I looked up canola and it happens to be the only easily-available oil in that is high in omega 3's which have been shown to be very important in PD. Not olive, not coconut. If not canola, you have to resort to things like hemp oil, Chia seeds, or flax seed oil.

    Canola mayo's are not cheap, so I bought canola separately and mix it 50-50 with regular mayo, but maybe I can just make my own with boiled eggs, garlic, vinegar, canola oil (with 30% olive olive), and a blender.

  • agree with the natural foods......................

  • I've always eaten mayo on my sandwiches even w my coffee ion the morn dunking the bread n mayo into the coffee how does this help my pd? My biggest prob is anxiety most of the day. Im on sinimet and lonopin and it helps but around 3 pm each day I really get crazy w anxiety

  • Fats require oxygen to be burn and the injured part of the cells is using up the sugars via fermentation which means non-oxygen method of burning sugar. The non oxygen way does not provide as much energy and it is burning up the sugar inefficently before the healthy parts of the cells can get it and burn it efficiently with oxygen. But if the brain has more fats available it can use an oxygen pathway because the nonoxygen pathway can't burn fats. The fat method also provides more energy. So when you're feeling stressed in the afternoon, grab some more of that mayo, and let us know if it works. It seems your mornings after the mayo are not as bad.

  • And your oxygen/non-oxygen drivel is offered as proof of the viability of your "1 part bread to 2 parts mayonnaise" formulation?!?

    If I was prone to believing every murmur of one man's anecdotal nonsense, I'd almost believe you were actually serious about your mayonnaise cure.

  • It seems I am not the only PD person finding mayo helpful. At least try reading pubmed science. I already published the links to CPAP and HBOT, not too mention exercise might increase oxygen in the blood. And then there's the coconut oil fans and research. It hasn't crossed your mind that PD might be affecting your personality? Again, it's in the literature.

  • Yo Zawy, Point to ONE credible study ANYWHERE that even hints at the possibility that your ridiculous "1 part bread to 2 parts mayonnaise" prescription for alleviating that "stress line down the middle of [your] forehead" is credible. When that happens I will accept that it is I - rather than you - who is displaying the effects of a PD affected personality.

    After alluding to symptomatic relief from a erratic collection of vagaries that includes bread & mayonnaise, peanut butter, apples (for men!), CPAP machines, HB chambers, etc., etc., you declare, "it's in the literature"(which one, which literature?).

    Meanwhile, those of us who can't make sense of your incoherent ramblings are, of course, suffering PD related dementia(?). Well, at least you're a comical (albeit pathetic) diversion to the ongoing pursuit of genuine solutions...

  • Only the ones I indicated as having research, have research. I have posted the links before. Since my English is incoherent to you, there's no need to send you more, unless it is to fulfill your aggresive needs.

  • No worries Zawy, I can translate for you: Research to support your nonsensical "1 part bread to 2 parts mayonnaise" prescription (as well as your peanut butter, apples. CPAP machines, HB chamber drivel, etc) doesn't exist.

    Don't let that deter your random rants and claims of revolutionary discoveries from the counter-tops of your magic kitchen there however. If you keep shooting wildly in the dark, even the worst shot will hit something eventually (and you're very entertaining).

  • Wow. I used the simplest English and shortest sentences possible in my last post and you still didn't indicate an understanding, even reading it backwards so that you could express anger. I've noticed you bullying people before under the commonly-used disguise of honesty, intelligence, and skepticism. If you do it out pain or depression, PD could be related to it. If you do it for fun, I would think it goes back further than that. I think it is the latter, given your terminator-like icon and username that implies you're too smart for smart people. I gave you a free shot in this thread because I appreciate skepticism, but then felt the need to step in with your 2nd attack and then 3rd attack on the other person, and being aware of your past postings.

  • "Attack"?!? I think you may be overly sensitive. I was simply asking for a hint of scientific basis to support the sensational revelations emanating from Zawy's Magical Kitchen (still waiting). I also complimented you on your tremendous ability to entertain! Now, however, you've simply become a tedious bore (yawn).

  • Well, unfriendly heckler might be the more accurate. Maybe you have actually been friendly with me since if this post bothered you, then there must have been 5 or even 10 others of mine you found annoying and didn't say a word.

    But sometimes you do heckle in an unfriendly way, and as much as 1/2 of the time you're not "getting" what the poster has said.

    Yes, I ramble a lot and 2/3 probably don't want 2/3 of it.

  • try B-12

  • If one thinks it helps, it does.

  • I wish that were true...

  • I'm chuckling! Meta you're pretty funny!

  • My mum (with advanced PD), loves mayonnaise and craves it often. I haven't monitored whether there are improvements on the days she's slathered it over her dinner. Maybe she craves it because her body knows she needs it? Food for thought..

  • Earthdweller... I fear you've slipped your tethers - come back to planet earth! Along those same lines, perhaps we can now definitively explain people's widespread cravings for everything from ice cream to sugary soft drinks to deep-fried Snickers bars, etc, etc, - because our bodies need it(?). Only Zawy could be convinced by such fractured lines of reason...

  • i have no idea why this made me think of the super food avocado

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