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Rallying to the Challenge 2015: Survey Update

Thank you to those who have already taken part in this survey sharing your views and priorities – so far you have told us:

Nearly 80% of responders reported that their key motor concern was slowness of movement however there was much more variety in the range on non-movement symptoms reported including 63% reporting sleep concerns, 63% reporting a lack of energy, 57% constipation and other gut related concerns and 50% pain. When asked what Parkinson’s had impacted the most, 75% of people reported stress and 61% sleeplessness as key impact factors.

82% of responders are interested in recording information about their own Parkinson’s to monitor wellbeing, but currently only 45% of responders do.

We would love to get the views and priorities of as many people with Parkinson's as possible so if you have not taken part in the survey but would like to do so, please click the link below.

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I have created the most complete list of PD Symptoms at 100+. This comes in a 2 or 3 page Excel spread sheet. There are many different functions to this form: A scoring scale from 1to10 of severity - Technical terms like Micrographia for small hand writing - % of others that share a symptom - indicator for 'early warning signs', etc. Benefits: This puts you and your doctor on the 'same page', you talk about the more severe items, you have an electronic log for both history and tracking. When starting a new drug, this gives you a reference point of symptoms getting better of disappearing completely.

For a FREE copy, e-mail me at: In the top area, write 'Symptoms'


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