Just when you think things could not get worse

My PD meds have caused all the hair to fall off my legs (my brother calls them Girly legs) and constant swelling and a few open sores that I keep medicated cream for. I guess I must have kneeled in the garden with shorts on. Somehow I got a bacteria in my bloodstream. Now I have a severe infection. My left leg is swollen 3 times normal, and it hurts a lot . I have been on antibiotics by I V for 3 times a day for the last 3 days and 2 more days at witch time they will reevaluate . So far the bacteria is winning.

Anybody know what I should be eating to reinforce the white blood cells. Right now I have not eaten in 3 days but not hungry.

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  • Gymbag, i'm so sorry. I'm sending you prayers that you recover quickly from this infection. MAybe you should get a 2nd opinion if it doesn't turn around quickly. As far as the hair loss, I have lost the hair on my legs as well, but that's not a problem, but my hair on my head has thinned so much that i'm not comfortable going out without a wig. I get tons of compliments on my "hair", so i'm ok with it. I would rather walk than have hair. LOL. Gotta keep the sense of humor. Hope you feel better. :-)

  • You are in my prayers.

  • Gymbag, I am so sorry. I am not a fan of hospitals, but perhaps it would be better if you were more closely monitored while on the IV and especially when you have no desire to eat! I wish you well. Please let us know how you are doing.

  • Smoke the ganja dude it'll give you a appetite ' you have to eat to get better ! Good luck

  • Hey gymbag

    This is serious stuff, no good at all. Hope you are getting all the care you need right now and will be feeling better soon. I think the best food is whatever you want or can tolerate, need to build your energy as much as the white blood cells. Do keep us updated.

  • usually you are feeling better after three days on antibiotics. Did they do a culture to make sure you are getting the right one?

  • Gym, have they told you exactly what kind of infection it is? Has a specialist been called in to consult? My daughter had a similar infection as a child and as I recall, things started to turn around after day 3 or 4, although she stayed in the hospital for 5 or 6. I agree with WifeofParky -- they need to take measures to make sure you're getting the right antibiotic. And voila -- Just when you think things can't get worse -- they suddenly start getting better! FWIW, we're all out here pulling for you.

    Oh, BTW -- I also have leukemia, and I've never heard of a specific diet that promotes or discourages the white blood cell count, other than eat well. A fellow in my support group eats only soups that he makes in the blender from fresh vegetables and fruits.

  • Gym, when you can, drop us a line. We're thinking of you and wishing for the best and speediest outcome.

  • The same thing happened to my hubby years ago before PD. He had diabities and no one check it. Sores on legs, no hair, major swelling. Have the Doc do a A1C. Very simple, inexpensive blood test. The leg swelling can be cellulightis, a complacation of Diabities . Is the skin on your legs thin? GET A different doc to look at you, very very soon, please. You have a major problem, and I am concerned for you..

  • I believe that the immune system will only perform optimally if enough vitamin C is available. Again I believe the body doesn't store vitamin. So it needs a regular re-supply. However, as the body does not store vitamin C it may have toxic effects if supply exceeds requirements by too large a margin.

    As I am quoting from memory from somebody doing a degree in biology a long time ago, then it would make sense to get confirmation before taking any action based on these ideas regarding vitamin C.

  • Just read this article about treating sepsis with C intravenously. npr.org/sections/health-sho...

  • I was in Hospital 16 days, total 6 weeks on antibiotics (every antibiotic known to man I think), just stopped. Home care nurses come in once a day to change bandages. Digestive ensigns are all dead. still have the catheter (long story).

    I liked your letters , thanks.

    Oh a bacteria tried to eat my leg. A very good surgeon saved my life.

    Now most all the PD symptoms are gone and showing strong sign of too much dopamine

    meeting with NEURO in 2 weeks . If I knew how to play the piano, I could play the piano. flexibility everywhere

    Makes no science,makes no sense

    I will return , thinking of writing a book "Bedpans, Catheters and Diapers"

    or " So the neighbour's little girl is now a nurse, Indignity old men must suffer.




    glad you are my friend

  • Now that I can think straight again, I must apologize for posting this in the first place and then leaving it for so long with out letting people know how I was. Truthfully I do not remember posting it. I was full of pain killer at the time . Thank you to everyone who sent me personal well wishes. I have two legs. (one full of holes) I am up walking and the bacteria has been beaten and in a few months with some heavy duty exercise and muscle building I will be fine . I have lost 30 pounds and as reported earlier after almost 6 weeks of of antibiotics I have experienced a large reduction in PD symptoms which does not make sense but there it is.

    My life, has always been stranger then fiction

    I will just read for awhile

  • There has been quite a lot of talk about helicobactor and Parkinson's over the years. Here is one review article. Eradication by antibiotics seems to help drug absorption. Maybe related to your experience gym bag


    Good to hear from you again.

  • MMMMM maybe I 'm not cracy

    thanks Hikoi

  • Like vitamin C zinc is essential for fighting infection and at least 40 mg should be taken day. Even if food is unappealing start drinking Ensure everyday. I have a friend with cancer and could not eat food. Ensure has kept him going. PD patients are known to have low zinc levels and fighting infection further depletes zinc. I has to add zinc to my program because I was prone to infection and cold.

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