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Financial Assistance Available for Out-of-Pocket Costs of Parkinson's Medications

The Patient Access Network Foundation (PANF), recently launched a program for patients being treated for Parkinson’s disease. This fund is one of nearly 60 disease-specific funds offered by PANF, spanning programs for cancer, chronic illnesses and rare diseases.

PANF's Parkinson’s disease fund helps eligible individuals and their families by providing funds for out-of-pocket costs of critical medications. Those who qualify are eligible to receive up to $16,500 per year. To qualify, applicants must have insurance that covers the medication for which they seek assistance, reside and receive treatment in the United States, and have a household income less than or equal to 500 percent of the Federal Poverty Level.

To learn more, visit

3 Replies

Thank you. I am on site now applying. Good health to YOU.


You always post the most helpful and edifying information. Keep sharing and stay in good health.


Thanks again, I received grant for $16,500.


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