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Poem 4 - DBS - 1 procedure down and 2 to go

Poem 4

The day began before dawn but it wasn’t too bad, I want all to know.

I can report - That’s one procedure down but still two more to go.

By 9:00 AM I had a few extra holes in the top of my almost bald head.

And by Noon, I was home comfy under the covers in my very own bed.

The second procedure I’m approaching with a good dose of anxiety and fear.

It is hours long and I am awake some of the time so I can respond, or so I hear.

While in the OR, I’m part of a study on motor skills and the affected brain part

It’s a computer game,the kind where kids excel,a tutorial they insist,before I start.

After I told them my 5 year old grandson’s remark, on them I cast no blame,

To quote, “MeMe, you are the WURST, not in real life but at this game.”

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Aren't grandkids comments the best.

Thanks for sharing.


They are my life's blood, and keep my heart beating. especially when they have driven me over the edge. then, 15 minutes after they leave I miss them so much....


I was talking to my 3 yr old granddaughter telling her how much I miss her. She told me to pretend she was here and then I wouldn't be so sad. :)


Grandchildren almost make it worthwhile having children!! I have two grandaughters, who are cousins with a further addition due in July. Can't wait.

Whatever we go through, they are the light at the end of the tunnel and give us courage to face another day.


When I asked my granddaughter what she wanted for lunch she said "well I don't know because 1/2 of me is vegitarian, & the other 1/2 is human". Then she said "I think I'm part cat too but I am NOT that part of the cat that goes bleaaah, bleaaah!"


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