Days of rest between walking sessions

Days of rest between walking sessions

This one is for John Pepper.

Maybe others would benefit.

On your website John, in one of your great articles. you say:

"The optimum time for exercise has been found to be three, one-hour sessions, at maximum effort, per week, with a one day rest between sessions."

What does this mean?

Do I walk every other day, and then take an extra day off?

I am a little confused, so please clarify.

I want to get this right:)

Thanks John for all you do for us!!

Hugs and love, Eva

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  • I am surprised as i try to get an hour of walking in every day and then cycling inside for 45 minutes 5 x a week. i try to then have a period of rest during the day. Do you think that is too much.

  • If it is not hurting you, what you are doing should be ok!

    I know I exercise too much when I start feeling afraid of having PD>

    So I over exercise in an effort to keep PD back!!

    I am now dealing with stress reduction.

    Then I can do with a good intention.

    Not out of fear.

    Something to consider

    Hugs and love from Eva


  • Whatever works. If you are happy and staying well that's your answer.

  • Hi, I think John Pepper was talking about walking three times a week which seems like every other day and a day of rest but he can speak for himself. I don't have the discipline to skip a day and go back so I walk every day and he thinks that is too much but two years in and it is working for me, no meds and feeling well, mostly except for sleep issues which if anyone has suggestions that work for you not involving drugs I would appreciate. No trouble falling asleep but awaken after 2, 3, or 4 hours and difficulty falling back asleep. Seems every third day two good nights of sleep but wish I could do that magic every day. Even good days only yield six hours of sleep max.

  • That is John's recommendation.

    I Fast Walk (Fast is a requirement) 4x/week at 45 min each time.

    Sleep? I find getting out of bed and lying on the sofa, sleeping, then returning to bed works for me.

  • Thanks, RoyProp.

    You give the best advice. Let's hope it works. Lying in bed for four hours is not pleasant.

  • Dear RoyProp;

    You know I have done that even when well.

    I am talking about sleeping.

    One year I slept on the coach for a year.

    I am going to try that RoeProp.

    Hugs and love from Eva


  • Dear RacerCO;

    Sleeping well is a b......

    I am working on reducing my stress during the day, so I am relaxed before I go to sleep.

    I sleep about 4-5 h too, which is not good

    The quality of sleep is better, so that is good.

    I am going to try RoyProp's suggestion, and sleep in the bed first, and when i wake up ,go and sleep on the couch.

    If you try it. let me know how it works for you?

    Hugs and love from Eva


  • I will take both of your suggestions and pray for the best.

  • RacerCP , glad what you are doing is working for you!

    My understanding is you are not taking medication and exercercising each and every day of the week only by it fast walking? How long each day? Beside walking any other exercises?

    Sleep issues I do have them too! Waking up early and not going back to sleep, like this morning at 4 am .if you find a natural solution ( no meds) let me know!

    Thanks to all sharing on this site!


  • Hi Chantal,

    This post was written a while ago. Now several months later I am taking half a summary 25/100 a day, giving in to doctor's pestering. I take it in the morning. My walking buddies around so walk two or 3. times a week.

    I also do yoga twice a week and Tai Chi twice a week. I also do Zumba twice a week and an aerobics and strengthening class three times a week. As you can see I'm a pretty busy person. Hope you have the time to waste on enjoying yourself.

  • my problem is I can't stop walking I have so much anxiety can't get my restless legs and tremors to stop long enough to enjoy much, anyone else have this?

  • YES.

  • are you on a med or do something to alleviate it?

  • The doc told me to take one 5 mg oxycodone each night before bed but I'm not finding that much of a solution. For one thing, I find oxycodone to be constipating, which I need like a hole in the head. For another, while the problem is worse at night, it shows up in the daytime as well. What about you, do you take any meds for this?

  • yes benzodiazepene meds----ativan, clonipin, restoril and now have a new doc that is cutting me off cold turkey, i find after walking alll day Im too tired to do anything at bedtime. all these meds are highly addicting. I am trying for anxiety and just tried small amt of 5HTP. so many ppl rave about it for anxiety.

  • Coping with Insomnia and often winning this week I miraculously had three nights of normal sleep. I have stopped stressing about it, as long as I can function it's okay.

  • What about those of us who really want to walk, but slowly drag a leg...lots of pain, including back , hips, knees. Now the bottom of the other foot has started to hurt. If it was not for the pain, coping would be so much easier. Many men in my support group seem to have no problem walking. It's difficult to know what to do or try, since the only time with no pain is when I'm sitting, which I know is not good.

  • Hi Eva, i started to fast walk every for 60 min. other day for the last year since I read Johns book and it has working for me you know that every person has different health issues, how-ever i do between every other day 60 min. calisthenic, push ups yoga, little of waits lifting etc. so i suggest you to keep up exercising and you will see the results.



  • Great ! Keep up the good work! Thanks for your encouragement Serg!

    I am on 10 mns only!!! Fast walking: Serg how fast? What distance? On concrete , grass or dirt? What shoes do you wear? Any other tips???

    Thank you


  • serg

    Good morning to you :)

    Tell me something Serg, do you exercises any set times of the day?

    Some people do, and I would let to get into a routine for the day work out.

    Any suggestions?

    May this day be kind to you.

    Eva G. :)

  • Whank you Serg :)

    Hus and love, Eva


  • treatment


    Noel Batten

    Today at 6:05 AM


    Hanifa G

    Dear Hanifa,

    I am sorry but you have misunderstood me somehow. The only people who can afford to work for five days for nothing, are the wealthy, and I am not wealthy. Would you want me to dedicate myself to helping you for five days and not get paid anything at all? How would I pay my bills and buy my groceries?

    What I say on my website is that, I do my best to help patients who are fully focussed and who follow my instructions with enthusiasm, and as a general rule, those are the people who get results. Some patients who come to me who don't have this enthusiasm and focus, don't improve because they are not doing what it takes to overcome their causal problems and if this is the case, I tell them so, as I am treating them. --- I have also walked out on several patients who just didn't want to work hard enough to "earn" their own improvement because I just won't work with patients who are lazy or who don't place a high value on wanting their life back.

    If a patient like yourself is not sure what to do, I ask to see a full set of X-rays so I can give advice, and if I see spinal degeneration showing in the X-rays I give no guarantee at all, however, if I do not see spinal degeneration I assume that "IF YOU ARE FULLY FOCUSSED AND DETERMINED TO WORK FOR YOUR OWN RECOVERY" you will experience improvement, but I still give no guarantee of improvement because there are too many unknowns. --- For example, if a patient has a calcification spur that has grown inside the spinal column and is rubbing on nerves to cause the symptoms experienced, that calcification spur cannot be seen on an X-ray so I would be silly to give any guarantee of improvement even if I do not see spinal degeneration.

    Let me ask you this:- "When a patient goes to a medical doctor who tells that patient, the health problem experienced is incurable, does the doctor still get paid?" --- And, "once a medical doctor informs a patient that what the patient has is incurable, does the patient stop going to the doctor so that money is no longer wasted?" Of course not.

    What I "can" guarantee is that if you come to me to help you regain your health, I will do my absolute best to help you get results and in so doing, I will teach you more about the symptoms you are experiencing than any medical doctor or neurologist can, but don't come to me if you are not fully devoted to working to "earn" your life back again, because that is what it takes.

    I wish you all the best for the future.

    This is what I received from Noel Battan

  • "G" Hanifa G, I hope you have been following the Posts and Replies (and the obvious promotional efforts by a member) before your great decision regarding this Noel Battan and also the chiropractors

  • And i wonder who that would be royprop?

    Oh how wise you are!

    You do give the best advice.

    you see, i read your post

    medication - my opinion.

    and one line stuck out,

    Meds do not cure or prevent progress,

    no kidding sherlock,

    so i read the whole thread and it seems to me ,

    nothing but vanity stroking!

    IF you HAD read what i wrote i wasn't promoting anybody,

    OR maybe you couldn't understand what i wrote,

    7 days ago i asked a question

    'In time the drugs will no longer work, what happens after that?

    If the drugs don't even work why take them?

    in the same thread you said i shouldn't post hoax videos,

    its a pity that you didn't want to your best advice then.

  • No, better still, here's one you can use,

    'The meds they give you might make P.D

    in the long run WORSE!

  • More unkindnes?? I can't take it!!

    I think I willstay off of here for af fewe days.

  • Hi vjessv;

    I am going to look into ayryvedic (sp) medicine, while I work on my speed walking.

    That seems to be the only thing so far that reverses PD.

    Hugs and love to you from Eva


  • Ayurvedic medicine, I know nothing about,

    can you enlighten me 12stargate?

  • BAH WHO NEEDS SLEEP. I gave up on trying and now I make the best of any time I am awake. There is a thousand things that you can do at 4 am. Wait for the morning paper to be delivered . Woodworking is good as long as no loud machinery is involved . Look out the window to see if it is light yet. Wash the car. However , You should not use the lawn mower , the neighborhood comes to life and gets vocal real fast.

    Now of course you do pay a penalty for being awake when every one else is sleeping because you will need a nap or two when every one else is awake . I am betting that they will all adjust to my schedule, probably, and I am also looking at obtaining a manual lawn push mower. I am sure that a bit of clicking and clacking will be ok. Twilight is under appreciated and sunrises can be better than sunsets, you just have get used to seeing them alone, that's all.

  • Hi GymBag;

    I love your reaponse!!!

    "Don't worry about it!!"

    That is the way to go GB. Acceptance, and then making the best of it!!

    I have done that at times.

    Stayed up in the wee hours in the am.

    It is kind of nice.

    I don't make much noise, because you would find me in front of the computer:)

    Keep figuring out how to mow the lawn silently:)

    Hugs and love from Eva


  • BAH WHO NEEDS SLEEP. (GymBag) my humble suggestion to you First you start talking with yourself (your soul) and gave auto suggestion to your mind for getting sleep. After some time you do conversation with GOD . Up to 15 day you will not getting any response but afterward you will get reply from god . he will answer all of your question.

    You can add to lition a good spiritual song like prayer. have a good sleep.

  • I am still working on getting enough points to get my "Get out of Hell free" card.

    I talk to her/him and me all the time ,

    but so many need her/him more that I don't expect any response

    Merry Christmas

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