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Is There Hope For Remission?

I've Posted This Video to offer hope for those with P.D

i had a thought that if this man was a charlatan, it

would cost him a lot of money to pay the people in the videos,

but don't think that's the case because the patients give their names

and the neurologists that diagnosed them.

I have posted previously 'Noel Batten, is this man a quack? i don't think so.

In This Video my Favourites are Barry Black and patient No. 8

Herman Mack.

Is there hope?

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I am still skeptical. I need to research his credentials. I would also like to hear from the people he did not help. I doubt everyone he treated improved this those in the video.


If you Want To look down that's fine, i would rather look up, there are people with all ailments that will not improve from their treatments, there just might be someone who gains a benefit from this. i would rather have hope than NONE at all.

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I am not putting him down. I don't know enough about him or what he does to say he is legitimate. I will research him and his Georgia location to learn more about him. I have read about and seen so many things like this and spent money on them for my husband that I have become skeptical of anyone who offers a "cure".

If you seek his help, let us all know how you responded to treatment.


Sorry, i was a little short wasn't i,

my personal opinion is this.

the brain and the central nervous system controls the body and

if there is a break in the circuit so to speak that's when other problems also start to appear, stiff arms and legs sore necks

muscle ailments and so on.

if there is a treatment that does not involve drugs i'm putting

my hand up, especially if it can help reverse the symptoms of P.D

A pharmaceutical is never going to 'cure' P.D, remission is the key

i think,


i apologize, the treatment would be for family members who have P.D


I discussed this at my Caregivers Support Group meeting. There is a chiropractor in our area who used to advertise that his "therapy" could cure PD. She took her husband and spent a lot of money with NO change at all in his condition. This is why I am skeptical of many claims that are not mainstream. If it is really that great, why isn't it used more widely?

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I just did a web search. In addition to his website which only lists all his books and videos I found this link which I tend to agree with. I pray we find a cure for this awful disease during our lifetime.


I am sorry to hear that, the chiropractor should not have said he could 'cure P.D, now THAT'S a scam artist!

TWO years ago we were taking a relative to see

a chiropractor, she got the adjustments over the course of maybe 6 weeks, after a couple of weeks she was making slow progress, but progress we could all see, ( she didn't seem to think there was any progress in herself ) she was able to walk a little better, her balance and posture was a little stronger, the thing was her body didn't hold the adjustments long enough for her to make additional steps and she stopped, BUT WE ALL SAW IT,

The chiropractor was only a standard Chiro and not a

upper cervical chiropractor ( they work mainly on the head and neck ) if we had known and gone to a UCC who knows! i later found out that U.C.Cs take x-rays, they check the atlas and axis. ( c 1 and c 2) for misalignments and neurological impingements.

Again i'm NOT talking about a cure, just relief to her symptoms of pain and lack of mobility, she has pain that radiates all day every down one side of her body along with the tremor, forward head posture, i sit here now thinking maybe noel batten was not a ideal character to use, but i do believe his methods do have some validity and this is the reason why i have tried to use him as maybe looking at p.d and its treatment from a different angle and also to reduce the symptoms of it because i saw this happen with my own two eyes, i have not been forth coming with my own journey with p.d because its not me who has it but people that i love dearly, and in my humble opinion drugs will not be a cure,

only a tool to try to slow it down,

i don't want neurologists/doctors to help slow it down, i want them to make it stop.

I like many others can only surmise what P.D is and how to make it go away.

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just so you know, I emailed Mr. Battin requesting info on his credentials and I have yet to receive a reply.


Dear vjessv;

Of cource there are remissions.

Of cource there is a cure!!

The way I see it is this:

If we have faith we can be healed, anything we 'do" will cure us.

If we don't have faith we can be healed, we won't be, no matter how much money we spend on treatments.

So how about we stop spending so much money on these 'super cures', check within to see what we really believe, and go from there.

Without faith everything is in vain.

So, let us start there.

Hugs and love from Eva G



How much faith is enough faith to be healed?

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Is That a trick question? i never used the word 'faith' or healed.

if it was a question directed to me, i couldn't answer it.

A priest, pastor or vicar maybe.

Also if my opinions aren't of worth and slightly deluded because

i don't have P.D....Well


I am a retired Unity minister vjessv :)

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Not a question to you vjessv. It was under 12 stargate's post.


Strong faith is when you know and can envison yourself being in full health and joy!!!Unshakably!!!!

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Ones strength can sometimes falter to the point that it slowly erodes leaving nothing but helplessness, to examine all possibilities is all i have, something i have to do.

12stargate i love your positive vibe.


Thank you so much vjesse!!

My faith begins to drop a few times. Especially in this heat!! I am sure to acknowledge where I am at, wallow a little and then get myself back on track!!

Gratitude, by the grace of God, works for me. I even give thanks for what appeares 'bad', and when I do, my psychie moves up. Do you know what I mean?

I enjoy reading your posts. They can give people hope, if they want it. Some people don't want hope. They want to wallow!

And they will question any suggestion about something that might help. That is their right.

We just keep giving out hope. Keep up your good work!!

Hugs and Love to you from Eva



I Would like to thank you also for your very kind words, you are right, people don't want hope, they want a cure!

the way P.d and other conditions of the nervous system slowly manifests itself onto us as humans is the same it should leave, not suddenly with drugs,

i like most here is wondering how?

There i go again with my opinions, anyway,

stay positive and ever hopeful eva,

Where did you get your smiley thingy

i would post one for you,

once again thank you for being a positive presence

here and much love to you also.


Doctors and experts are baffled by an Indian man who claims not to have eaten or drunk anything for 70 years - but is still in perfect health.

He claims to have been blessed by a goddess when he was 8-years-old, which has enabled him to survive without sustenance and that he derives energy through meditation.

Most people can live without food for several weeks, with the body drawing on its fat and protein stores. But the average human can survive for only three to four days without water.

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Hello 12stargate,

i would really love YOUR opinion on this,

Who knows if he would have developed P.D

he had been cleared of it

but it is a tremor and what I know of P.D,

tremors do tend to get worse with time.

Its the look on his face at the end as if to they

'wow, i wasn't expecting that! while checking his


No two people are the same when it comes to P.D

are they.

The Brain through central nervous system controls every function

in our bodies. FACT.

To me that's remission RIGHT THERE because he didn't cure him of anything!!


With Dr Ian Richardson, there's no trickery,

because he did this, no this is not a patient with P.D,

but that's HOPE right there, AND ITS UPLIFTING.


Hi Vessy;

I apologize it took me so long to get back to you. It is soooo HOT hear, and I could not even think!!

I don't understand your question. Would you be so kind to formulate it another way?

We have to have hope!! That is everything!!

It broken my big toe 2 weeks ago, and today I am back to powerwalking!! That is a mircle, and I give all praise to our Creator!!

Blessings of lots of love from Eva




Take a look at link below. It is dated 2005, but this is just another opinion. Bottom line, we are the only ones that make the best decisions regarding our health.


Thanks puddlejumper,


if this is true, he's been telling a bunch of lies for ten years,

The next question is why, now they ( the patients ) give their names

on the videos, i'm going to see if they can be found on these social

media outlets, if true he has a number of people in these videos on the payroll, but i'm also thinking 'the ruse is quite elaborate', also i will contact him myself for his questionnaire,

The Reason for the main post,

A leap of faith.


Hello puddlejumper

This is his website,

I am not promoting him at all,

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Thank you very much Puddlejumper. You have saved me a lot of work trying to pin down evidence for my instant dislike of self publicising 'experts' such as this.



I absolutely agree with you! Unfortunately, desperation can override common sense. I would give my "eye teeth" for a cure! Ironically my "gut" instinct does keep me in line (so far). In the meantime we pwp will continue to do our best to deal with this very complicated disorder. May we all have better "good" days than not!


Your Post is titled "Is there hope for a remission. You follow with the video which shows a series of obviously PwP folks with serious gait problems. Then show them post whatever BA10 is with impressive improvement. In your post you ask, are they charlatans? Thinking about this comment, I am now aware I made a miss statement,?

This is a Parkinson's blog, however in several of the videos there was a label "MS", suggesting that the person was MS, not PD. I have read that sometimes MS also have gait problems. What I should have said was they had gait problems. Could have been either MS or PD. You end your post, with the question, is there hope?

You ask, is there hope? show short videos which are intended to be hopeful. suggest maybe charlatans, not hopeful, .....what is the distinction about hope you mean to convey ? What is your point?



A leap of faith, to have a different perspective,

Will this type of treatment help? who knows.

I do not have P.D, i do have members of my family who do,

they are at an age where their neurologists hold sway over their

treatment, when you see things like this, you hope or wish that

something of its ilk will help.

Neurologists diagnose and treat PwP yet they still do not totally understand

it, i say that because the side effects of the medication alone that I've seen are not nice, yet they continue to up the dose, lower the dose, 'let's try this new medication.

After twelve years it has become a little tiring at this stage,

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Whatever Noel Batten is or is not, I am sure he's right when he sees stress as a cause of PD and the elimination of stress vital to 'recovery'. I don't blame myself for giving myself PD or feel guilt for my years over working and over worrying. It's in the past, when I was doing the best I could with what life had thrown at me. My focus is now to today and the future. I've reassessed what I enjoy in life, keeping that and letting go of things that cause me stress. I'm doing more exercise, regular meditation and breathing practice. I'm feeling better already. (Do you ever find you suddenly take in a huge lungful of air, as if you'd forgotten to breathe? People interested in improving breathing should google 'Smart Breathe' to read about a nifty device to retrain slower, deeper breathing)

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You get it, You have an open mind,

Noel batten isn't the 'CURE' he does make valid points,

he has a program that if nothing else should AT LEAST

be discussed, i thought this forum was for debate,

Instead the people that want to wallow are also dismissive of it

and yet none have actually tried his program and i'm not

telling anyone this is it but YOU CAN NOT


and everyone on this forum have not so how can they say

this is rubbish, the reason they say this is because 'ITS NOT A CURE!

It might be ok for some and not at all for others, you will never

know until you have tried it, i would really love someone who has actually worked with him to give their opinion on this forum,

yes you are right about what you say about stress,

I've spoken to neuros and they've never mentioned it?

When you say ' I don't blame myself for giving myself PD or feel guilt for my years over working and over worrying.

Do you think that might have been a trigger for you?

Once again neurologists know nothing about this.

Thank you again I will google 'Smart breathe, if

it helps we have nothing to lose and plenty to gain.


I contacted Noel Batten and he has offered to come to UK (where I live) for $2,400 each (assuming three in the group) for eight days treatment. I fear I probably won't be accepting his kind and generous offer as I think I know a lot of what he's going to say, I don't feel his knowledge is in depth and I think he would annoy me! My personal opinion. I do not however think he's a quack and will have my C1 and C2 alignment checked!

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Thanks For The Reply Dap1948,

You are being pro-active, weighting up options,

getting another perspective on your personal situation, you've decided 'no its not for me, but at least you thought about it, there is a upper cervical chiropractor in ireland ( i won't give his name just in case i'm accused of witchcraft) that we've been recommended for the C1 and C2 cervical care,

one aunt does tend to tilt her head obviously to one side.

the only thing is when your family members are in their 70s and 80s they can be hard to persuade!

Good Luck With whatever you decide.


Magical thinking. Google Quackfiles....the man is not a doctor of any kind....not even a chiropractor even though he uses the jargon. He is a yard guy....moves dirt, builds walls and cons people according to that blog.

The tipoff should be that he says MS and PD are the same thing. Total ignoramus. Although the two share some symptoms, this does not mean they are the same. Many neuro diseases do that because even if the cause is not the same, the diseases eventually affect the same neuro points. MS is a deterioration of the myelin sheath protecting the nerve. No one thinks that is a factor in PD.

Posting a YouTube about a hoax is NOT giving hope to anyone...On the contrary, it is cruel to offer up something which you obviously cannot evaluate other than through wishful thinking.


ditto - Posting a YouTube about a HOAX is NOT giving hope to anyone...On the contrary, it is cruel to offer up something which you obviously cannot evaluate other than through wishful thinking.


What Do you Mean Donzim,

Hoax? If he is a hoax He's gone to lot of trouble hasn't he!

Google Quackfiles?

Why? the things I've read about lots of people on the internet would have me hating just about EVERYONE?

He is a yard guy....moves dirt, builds walls and cons people according to that blog.

And you arrived at this conclusion because of a blog written with validity?

So Obviously he scammed you and RoyProp.



Watch out people noel batten is in town and wants our money because we want to give it to him!

i read on his website if he treats you and it doesn't work,


'yeah well i don't trust him, i read it in a blog!!



Reading the thread I get the impression you have thanked everyone who agrees and put down in some way those who disagree. So I don't read Donzim's post as any more vicious ( the word you use) as your reply. He is expressing a strongly held view or opinion just as you and others have done on this thread. I write because I think this all stops people responding except those you agree with and who Agee with you.

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I thought Donzim could have pointed that out himself,

RoyProp Wrote 'Posting a YouTube about a HOAX is NOT giving hope to anyone.


Also i and others who express our opinions on this man and we decide we want his treatment why should it concern the people who don't like his quackery?


I don't follow, all I know is above you write opinions are welcome.

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How about you try reading the whole thread,

this is what wrote to puddlejumper when she pointed out he was

a so called quack.

Thanks puddlejumper,


if this is true, he's been telling a bunch of lies for ten years,

The next question is why, now they ( the patients ) give their names

on the videos, i'm going to see if they can be found on these social

media outlets, if true he has a number of people in these videos on the payroll, but i'm also thinking 'the ruse is quite elaborate', also i will contact him myself for his questionnaire,

The Reason for the main post,

A leap of faith.

If you read my reply i said what?

I thanked them because they gave an opinion about what THEY thought!


i wanted their opinion on what they thought,

Did what he say have any validity,

If all they wanted to do was attack his character,

whats all that about? it don't help me.

I don't have to like the man but if his methods are valid and thought out well that's something else isn't it!

what do you think this is, how many likes i can get?

That i want to be popular on this forum?

That is NOT the reason why i'm Here, This is the second you thought you could try and police me on this forum, Hmmm


Maybe i would have time to answer the others that DIDN'T agree with me if wasn't having to answer to you, Dixon of dock green.


This guy has been around a long time it seems and can help with everything from speed reading to cancer and autism.

This is an earlier version of his business history, interesting reading.

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This could be a comedy show. He has seizures and 'symptoms' of MS but doesn't say if he was actually diagnosed with it....just that he thinks he has symptoms. But we know from his words that he doesn't know there is a difference between MS and PD si what can he possibly know about either?

The guy has NO academic background in science (or anything else as far as we know) but he did have a job in a gym weighing fat people and writing out their exercise schedules. Wow! He got a break and INTERVIEWED athletes for the radio. Note they didn't interview him.

Then he gets some cash together and opens a gym. Well, those credentials and the fact that he can blow up a hot water bottle just got my idea of the person I want to give me advice about my extremely complicated disease of


Note that he slips in a disclaimer that neither he nor his chiropractor friends claim to cure any disease. Well, what does he do then?

I have attacked his lack of credentials, his scientific ignorance and his understood promise that he can 'help' people with serious disease.

FYI, almost all the treatments we use are alternative and avant grade but rooted in science so we think out of the box....but we aren't in Lala land!

As P.T. Barnum, that great circus master, said: there's one born every day. At least he was just entertaining folks - not putting forth hokum to desperate people who are truly in a hard place. Cruel.

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A Little Guidance.

Other than the medication your neurologist is giving you,

what other treatments has anyone tried ?

Are there any other types of treatments that is viable?

In time the drugs will no longer work, what happens after that?

If the drugs don't even work why take them?

So, if Parkinson's Disease is a condition you can't catch from

another person, from food or liquids, animals, the environment,

how does one actually acquire this DIS EASE?

The Neurologists say 'It is associated with degeneration of the basal ganglia of the brain and a deficiency of the neurotransmitter Dopamine.

They also say' Dopamine replacement therapy (Carbidopa/Levodopa, Sinemet) may improve symptoms. One of the big issues facing many Parkinson’s disease patients is psychosis (hallucinations, illusions, and behavioral changes such as paranoia). How does one administer dopamine replacement therapy, which may in some cases induce psychosis, and at the same time administer dopamine blocker drugs aimed at alleviating psychosis? Unquote..


No, sorry, why are there side effects?

if the doctors/neurologists say 'it is associated with degeneration of the basal ganglia of the brain and a deficiency of the neurotransmitter Dopamine and yet they treat it with dopamine which they say is synthetic, is this the reason for the side effects, is this the reason why it will stop working?

Why is the treatment of P.D with Carbidopa/Levodopa, Sinemet and others a one size fits all type of approach? or a combination of all above with side effects.

So Is There a placebo effect in the Treatment of P.D with these drugs?

Is there a disconnection between the brain and the nervous system that causes the tremors that is the beginning?

Its been pointed out to me that i'm no authority who shouldn't give a opinion on these matters but there are some here on this thread who are, so i would like their OPINIONS on these questions and thoughts.

In time the drugs will no longer work, what happens after that?

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I can see you have done a lot of reading. We are just patients. You will need to talk with your doctor.

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This Video Is not for anybody who believe that these types of treatment work and prefer the medication route, but if you dislike this video and live in the USA, at the end of the video they give their Address and phone no.

So you can visit, write or ring them to give them abuse, and to tell them 'you shouldn't give people false hope, and you can tell them 'we hate your hoax videos,

Anybody else out there, this just might help someone.

Not everybody with P.D is the same!


Vjessv, your post is a questioning one yet you do not want answers which destroy hope.

You do not seem to have an open mind about this so why ask the question? A good friend of mine always says, "If you won't like the answer, don't ask the question."

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You are right, i don't want answers that destroy hope, for others not me,

that's the reason for the post, someone on this forum might have read this and thought to themselves and/or with their loved ones, 'I've got pain all the time in my legs, shoulders, necks, knees or where ever and maybe this might work for me, the pain medication has stopped working,

You have doctors telling you 'that's it, all you can do is CONTROL the symptoms with drugs and if that's ok with you well by all means work away.

I DO have an open mind when it comes to looking at treatments for pain from P.D via a different angle, so if its shot down in flames by others who do not have the gumption to say well what noel batten is doing is this, this and this, and it does or doesn't work and here is the reason why, there could have been some debate about its merits, so he's a used car salesman, AND?

it seems to me the time to be choosy about what works as far as drugs are

concerned is already becoming redundant, all i was asking was 'what are the alternatives?

i Have no problem at all with answers given, if they have validity,

as you said, 'the proof is in the pudding, in the next couple of weeks will be our moment of truth, time to have that leap of faith.

I've said it once and i'll say it again, the brain and central nervous system controls every function in the body ( FACT) and trying to control physiology with chemicals do not work (FACT), because if they did, we would not be on this forum.

It does deem to me that there are a lot of marbles rattling around in tins here.


Can anybody tell me what is DBS and does it work?


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