Increasing Saliva in my mouth and keep wanting to clear my throat.

Hello everyone, I noticed that in the last few weeks my mom keeps wanting to clear her throat, and she said that she feels that there is a lot of Saliva accumulating in her mouth. recently she stopped Amantadine for 2 weeks, but she started Amantadine back again 6 days ago. (which I think it might help making her mouth dry, one time that we actually want the side effect to happen, lol.) anyway, I was wondering if anybody has any experience with this, and what have you done about it to improve this. Thank you so much for you help.

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  • hi raj here j try benzexhol or artane this will keep mouth dry t take half daily it realy helps.thks

  • my husband suffered with this big time . I haven't found anything that helps at all other thank cleansing by scoopin pg his mouth regularly throughout the day .

    When I have tried using the recommended meds for this it has caused hallucination which is much worse

  • My husband has injections of Botox every 3 months for this. Other things that work are: LSVT (Lee Silverman Voice Therapy) and Artaine. Artaine also helps with my husband's posture (falling) issues. Am taking him in for ENT surgery on Monday for collagen in vocal cords. This will make him speak louder than a whisper!

    Please ask questions to you neurologist or movement disorder specialist!

  • Does your husband get relief from artane? I just began my lovely trip with freezing and festinating gait. Even broke a finger falling. Fun, fun!

  • I have incessant clearing of the throat and it is due to acid reflux - which you don't have to be aware of. The oesophagus tries to protect itself by producing mucus but it feels as if it is in your breathing tube and you keep trying to clear it. Acid reflux can be caused by PD affecting the diaphragm. I have chosen not to take the acid reducing pills as I feel I am on enough pills already.

  • Years ago I had: acid reflux, GERD and sliding hiatal hernia. I followed my doctors recommendation, taking acid prevention pills only when needed and not on a regular regimen. That was the "cure" for me for the acid reflux.

  • Thanks for that Royprop The doctor did indeed want me to take omeprazole as a preventative which seemed s sledge hammer to crack a nut. Indeed if I'm quick enough and drink a couple of glasses of water I can often knock the onset of heartburn on the head. My mother steadfastly refused to take any medicine on a long-term/preventative basis. and lived to nearly 100 not on any drugs.

  • I have sucked Werthe's butterscotch no sugar sweets for a dry mouth (but any sweets that you suck would be as good) and chewed chewing gum for excessive saliva. At least you aren't taking anything extra in the way of medication with this. My consultant's advice was just to swallow more often!

  • My husband's neurologist recommended one drop of atropine (eye drop) on the tongue daily. This seems to work well. The pharmacy has to cross out 'Not to be taken' on the label, which is amusing.

  • chew chewing gum. Works for me.

  • I am assured that it is not an excess of saliva. Normally saliva is produced and then after a time what may be called an automatic swallow occurs to clear the excess.

    Now it is that automatic swallow that removes the excess that is the problem by virtue of its absence. I suppose some auto swallows may still occur.

  • i don't take Amantadine, but i have a very dry mouth and throat . to the point where i can't talk. so i keep a supply of lemon drops, preferably sour lemon drops. and that helps a lot. never got tired of them either. . i'm lucky. and good luck to you too.

  • Yes my swallowing is constant and drives me crazy. Neuro said to go to ear, nose and throat doc. I haven't ye because I am so tired of doctors

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