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¿Autohemoterapia - Autohemotherapy for Parkinson?

Hi all!

A friend of mine from Brazil just spoke to me about autohemotherapy. First time I heard about it. ¿Does anyone know anything about it?

He encouraged me to watch a Dr. Luiz Moura's video to have the big picture about this easy and cheap technique.

Autohemotherapy. Dr. Luiz Moura. MULTIPLE languages CC + English subtitles (320x240):

After watching the video I am so surprise... I am in shock. ¿Is that easy for a lot of things? Not sure for Parkinson or other dementias but at least for other problems it seems it works. Well, a lot of questions right now.

No much more info on the web or at least I did not manage to get it. This is what I managed to get.

General links:

Testimonies on Parkinson (In Portuguese - Google translator it is your friend):

Autohemotherapy: a cheap cure for everything or a dangerous alternative medicine?:

Open to hear your comments on this therapy, technique... not sure how to name it.


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Uh huh... I think it may be best to take note of certain FACTS in regards to the procedure rather than wasting 2 hrs of your precious time watching a 3-yr old youtube vdo-promo of this dude in Brazil (with only 2 viewers bothering with a comment):

"Autohemotherapy was first described by the French physician Paul Ravaut in 1913"

(If it had shown any promise in the past 100 years, you wouldn't need to go to Brazil for the treatment)

"There is a lack of good-quality published evidence in support of the effectiveness of autohemotherapy in the treatment of any condition."

(Again, after 100 years, anything with a hint of credible benefits would not require intensive digging for shreds of info on the procedure or its practitioners)


Thanks for your time and reply!

Honestly I though the same as you but since my friend insisted as his family has been doing this for different things for a few years now I finally watched it. ¿Two hours of my life for an easy and inexpensive live saving method which come be done anywhere in the world? Let's watch it.

I have to admit I feel as I did not waste 2 hours of my live. At the same time there is not money behind, which it is good since all the "miracles" go after your money.

Now the two big FACTS you mentioned still there and they are true. At the same time there is not evidence that it helps on Parkinson, well since it is so cheap I do not expect any kind of clinical trial on anything, money it is not done on cheap treatment. It is hard to say this but it is real.

Anyway always comes to my mind something that Thomas Jefferson said: "If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny."

¿How many Luiz Moura, Tesla, René Quinton... ,just name it, has been ignored?

Just wanted to share this information. If anyone has any experience I will be glad to hear. Thanks.

Kind regards


Just a quick link which I found in English in order to put more info over the table.


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