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Having a sister who developed PD, has there been a study that has asked the dietary and lifestyle history of all those with PD? If not, why not? The people reading this have an opportunity to give details of their lifestyle prior to their diagnoses. I can 'start the ball rolling' and will. My sister has had problems with her weight since a teenager. Over the years she has gone down the 'low fat, diet meals sugar is bad for you lifestyle + antibacterial, kills germs dead wipes, sprays and lotions etc etc'. She has never smoked, has had no head trauma, doesn't drink and has followed all the prescribed main stream advice and has PD. In contrast, i have drank enough whiskey to kill 3 men and smoked more than enough to do the same, and so has my younger sister. I have had 100s of strokes and some very severe head injuries but no PD and neither has my younger sister, genes? i don't think so.

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  • Hi Garlinge. Why waste time worrying about how we became Parkinson's sufferers, it would be better to spend our time finding out how to deal with it.

    I agree that it would be a good idea to find out about people's eating habits, and it has been proved that Pd starts in the gut.

    I am a firm believer in the theory that there are 2 essential ingredients for having Pd:

    1. a genetic predisposition for Pd

    2. a contact with some toxin in the environment

    I believe that my Pd started when I had 8 fillings in my teeth in 1960/1. Mercury in the fillings is very toxic. I had them removed after being diagnosed.

    You don't have exactly the same genes as your sister and neither have you necessarily been in contact with the same toxins.

    I hope this helps you.


  • Why? Are there not others following? Fillings won't be the only cause, there will be many, although in your own case it may have been 'the last straw'. Also, i have no 'belief' in anything and only follow the science. Genes? Too much of that these days and the bottom line is, if you feed cattle meat they will become sick, but not all at once. Would this be a genetic predisposition? And taking into account that most people don't eat the diet for their own species, in fact most people's diet would kill any species! Nobody will be looking for answers as there is no money in it.

  • Hi Garlinge. Do I sense a modicum of cynicism? Are you suggesting that nobody is looking for answers as there is no money in it? How could you possibly think that doctors and chemists are not keenly interested in us getting better? Such thoughts have never entered my mind, it would mean that we are on our own, fighting the system as well as disease!

    Yes, I'm afraid that this is the situation, although I do know some caring doctors but as for the rest, it is all about MONEY! There would be a huge decline in pharmaceutical industry profits if a cure were found for Alzheimers, dementia and Pd, alone. Forget about simple things like blood pressure and the common cold.

    We can land a spacecraft on a tiny comet travelling millions of miles away from the earth but a simple cure for the common cold is not achievable? Why do I have no faith in the human race?


  • Do you sense a modicum of cynicism? Just a lot! haha! If it looks a doc, walks like a doc, talks like a doc it's probably a quack haha!

  • Hi garlinge: Don't be injurious to quacks, some of them have mothers!


  • Hello John, some of them are mothers. But not all. Surgeon saved my life. It's the GPs i have lost faith in, but i can forgive them because they know not what they do.

  • Hi garlinge. You have it the wrong way around. Medical knowledge is so vast today that GPs stand no chance of being able to know everything about everything. They are expected to know a little about a lot, but medical knowledge is growing so fast that they would have to be catching up every day, which is not possible.

    On the other hand, the specialists have much more time to keep up to date in their specialty.

    There has been such a sea-change in the way we think the brain works that I wonder if all the neurologists have been keeping apace with the new thinking.

    Have you read Dr Norman Doidge's book, "The brain's way of healing"? Of course there will be the old school who don't believe a word of what Dr Doidge is saying and will stick to the old ways of doing things. It is they who need to catch a wake-up and start doing their jobs properly.


  • John you do know that neuro plasticity is not a new idea, writings go back 100 years. What Doidge has done has popularise it for the general public.

  • Hi Hikoi. No, I did not know this. I have to ask the question, not of you, but why have the medical profession here fought so hard to make the public believe that I do not have Pd? the ones saying this have never examined me, whereas the neurologists who have examined me still stick to their diagnosis.

    The immediate answer to my own question is that they do not want others to try doing what I have done, because it would be bad for their business. That does not sound very professional I know, but it is difficult to understand otherwise.

    Kind regards


  • Hello John Pepper, anomalies are not welcome in the world of the narrow minded. Training and 'belief' just can't handle it. It's not a conspiracy. it is only the result of a dull and processed mind. Mind you , they do tend to 'do well' and make lots of money but, many will and are finding out that, you can't buy life and good health.

  • Hi Garlinge. Do these doctors really care what happens to their patients?

    Are you suggesting that they themselves are suffering as a result of what they are doing?


  • Doctors are believers and take their own medicine. I think it is an excellent idea! having already taken statins and couldn't remember the names of my kids. I got 6! Let these people run things for a while hahaha! Hang i think might be hahaha!

  • Hi John, i know a little about the brain and you could say it is my 'specialist subject' [:-D. GPs matter nothing and are only payed to distribute drugs {there is a name for that}. although this was not always the case. Specialists are looking for ways to treat symptoms. The same clever thinking people had a war on cancer and lost, PD would be the same. I have learned the hard way to not take drugs and, have lost my temper with my sister who continues to treat a shaking hand with a toxic substance when the cause of the tremor was toxicity. Just blows my mind! But i do understand.

  • Hi Garlinge. The medical profession have moved away from being there to attend to the patient's needs. They have become plain and simple business people. They prescribe drugs and that is where it ends.

    Having said that, I know that many of the GPs I know personally are still vitally interested in their patient's welfare, at a price. The days are gone by when GPs had the time to visit their patients at home and get to know them as people.

    In days gone by, we as patients, used to take more care of ourselves. We did not have to go to the doctor every time we had a headache! There must be 10 times more doctors today per head of population than there was 80 years ago.

    Is that because we were more healthy then? No! I don't think so. It is because we now live more unhealthy life styles!

    We don't walk anywhere, other than as exercise, but don't have all that much time for exercise. The result is that our bodies are not able to deal with the results of the lack of exercise.

    I spend a lot of my time showing people how to take CONSCIOUS CONTROL OF BODY MOVEMENTS. That is because Pd takes away the ability of the subconscious mind to control those movements. I don't charge for this service because I am not a qualified doctor.

    So the patients I work with are torn between, a) listening to a man, who is not a trained medical person, but is able to help them walk properly and overcome many of their Pd symptoms, or b) listening to a trained medical person, who tells them that what I am saying is rubbish, and prescribes medication that does absolutely nothing to slow down the progression of Pd?

    Who is doing the better job here?

    Maybe there is a space for people who genuinely know how to help Pd patients and who are recognized by the medical profession as KNOWING WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT!

    I am not looking to be paid for what I do, I am looking to be recognized as having found something that GENUINELY HELPS PATIENTS TO REVERSE SOME OF THEIR PD SYMPTOMS.

    Good luck.


  • Bottom line John, some of us offer a change from the lifestyle that you all got comfortable with, hard work and effort. Doctors offer a pill. What will most choose? hahaha!

  • Hello John Pepper, in answer to your'e earlier post in more detail. You are quite right about genes except for one thing. Every single human being has a totally different life. Everyone does not have the same job, lifestyle, amount of exercise etc etc. With my sister/s i am fortunate to be endowed with an excellent memory, and know the differences. My sister was a hairdresser and very early she had dermatitis from the chemicals she was using. Obviously this was treated with a cream from the qua doctor. I became a bricklayer and the work is very hard and long[and the money's crap]. The main differences are in attitude and fads. I have always been mostly vegetarian and occasionally vegan. My sister followed the low fat trend. I ate salads and whole foods, she ate processed diet crap. She always had sweeteners[aspartame], while i had no sugar, she was always at the doctors and i didn't know where they were, i smoked she didn't, i drank heavily, she didn't, she was on statins i wasn't[no doctor], she had low fat, i had anything, she was always wiping or spraying or wiping with things to kill germs i have six kids and couldn't be asked, she would always be 'taking something for it' and i would have a whiskey and go to bed, just like my people have always done. Even[SHOCK AND HORROR]rubbed the babies gums with whiskey when the teeth came through. I'v had my problems and have recovered but i can tellya for sure, no drug has helped me[anesthetics were needed] or saved me, only the skill of a surgeon and the staff that helped him,.

  • Hi Gerlinge. We all make choices and have to live with the results. We all think we know best and we wonder why others don't follow what we are doing. But when we look back at life we know that we have made mistakes and we are not perfect.

    It is quite clear that because we don't know other people's views on life, it is easy to stand in judgement of them, while they do the same and judge us. Does this achieve anything? NO!

    We all need to stand back on a regular basis and take a good look at ourselves. Then we should be honest and take the necessary actions to rectify what we are doing wrong. Not even then, are we in a position to stand in judgement on others, because we still have no idea of what is going on in their minds and lives.

    No two people are alike, as you have said, but the world would be a very boring place if we were.


  • I agree, but you will see and already know that if you ask questions, you will be attacked for it [:-D i'm noo bothered.

  • Nicotine and caffeine have been found to be preventative for pd.

  • So has smoking. And the reason why is in the literature, but they say they don't know why.

  • They do. And it is not preventive. Nicotine is a dopamine agonist, it paralells dopamine. It does not last long.

  • I will repeat what the science says, as the last time i gave the information the post vanished! Smokers have a antioxidant response. After smoking' the glutathione becomes depleted, but the bodies response is to elevate the glutathione {overkill}. The body is a self regulating unit. Add one thing, and you will find that you can't do 'one thing', hence side effects. The 'side' is a pc term for effects. As a smoker i do not advocate it, but i don't have PD. If you have PD smoking or nicotine won't help. Glutathione is depleted in PD patients. Read swiftly as this info may vanish.

  • ibuprofen shown to be preventative

  • All NSAIDs destroy the microbiome. And the destruction of the microbiome is implicated with PD. 'He who pays the piper calls the tunes'.

  • I can see you have no bias.

  • My sister has PD. I have been doing all the research and telling her what to try and what to stop, i also buy the supplements. Her PD has been halted and somewhat reversed. It wasn't the Sinemet. Would you like to know why smoking is 'protective'?, It might be the nicotine, but it might not. Without finding the source of the disease there can be no solution, and there won't be one cause. There will be no 'cure', only avoiding the causes. Genes? you could try eating the food your genes evolved to handle, and of course not eating the toxins that they didn't evolve to manage.

  • I am actually very healthy and don't have PD. although there was a time when i could have died at any moment and without any notice. I would not advocate smoking either but i would not advocate going to the doctor often either. In fact, those who live the longest tend to avoid doctors. Just saying what the studies say.

  • So what is the moral? You don't leave this earth alive. Pick your poison.

  • looks like you have done.

  • I am a big believer that diet is extremely important in a determining a persons health. After all, you are eating what your body cells have to live on. My neurologist won't talk about nutrition, she says I should talk to my family doctor, and my family doctor tells me to take pills or join weight watchers. I think the entire medical profession's nutritional training (if there is any formal training at all ?) is sadly out of touch with the current state of nutritional science. But they sure get lots of promotional information on the latest and greatest pills from the pharmaceutical companies.

    I lost 55 lbs in about 1 1/2 years, excellent blood pressure and all my blood markers for fat, cholesterol, and glucose are outstanding (they weren't very good before my dietary intervention). Furthermore my PD symptoms (poor walking gait and tremor) have virtually disappeared and I have not had a change in my PD medication since 2009. My neurologist was going to schedule me in 2014 for an interview with a neurosurgeon because my tremor was so bad.

    The best book I have read on nutritional eating for optimal health is the Rosedale Diet. I have been able to fine tune my ketogenic diet and I have had terrific results.

    In short I agree with your opening remarks, that diet is important for treating chronic diseases but I think it won't be main stream medicine for many more generations if at all. The sad answer is that money makes the world go round. It's up to each one of us to choose a path to better health that we are comfortable with. At least there are now a few brave souls who are spreading the word that there are options.

  • We will win in end, the truth is the truth and will never change. And drugs of the future will need to be in suppository form, so when we tell them what to do with them, they can.

  • Actually there is room for optimism. The Swedish government has offically adopted the low carb - high fat nutritional diet as the foundation of their health care system. Once this has been in place for 10 years or so, the results will be hard to ignore by the rest of the western world.

  • WE already know of something that repairs the damaged brain cells and therefore reverses Pd. This hormone has been manufactured as long ago as 1993. It has been pumped into the substantia nigra of 6 patients in the Frenchay hospital in Bristol England. The patients all reacted very positively to the treatment, but the method of pumping the hormone into the brain has never been successfully achieved yet.

    I don't know if the pharmaceutical industry does not want us to know about this, even though one of their members manufactured this hormone. I really don't believe that they want to find a cure for Pd. Why would they?

    The big question is - why d we all not know that THE BODY PRODUCES THIS NATURAL HORMONE WHEN WE DO VIGOROUS WALKING?

    Yes, our bodies produce a hormone which repairs the damaged brain cells. It is called GDNF (Glial Derived Neurotrophic Factor). My Pd symptoms started in 1963. By 1992, when I was finally diagnosed, my condition had deteriorated quite badly.

    Since 1994, when I started doing FAST WALKING for 1 hour, 3 times a week, my condition has improved to the point , in 2002, when I was able to come off the Pd medication and I have lived a 'normal' life ever since.

    It is hard to convince anybody else about this because nobody has supported me on this issue. It is well-documented and should be told to every patient, when they are diagnosed. Of course there are many people who will shy away from doing the walking, preferring to take medication, which does NOTHING to slow down the Pd.

    We can only do our best to bring the attention of the public to this knowledge.


  • John,

    You are posting way off-topic, once again. This is considered to be rude in a discussion forum. You are perfectly capable of opening or joining in posts about the benefits of exercise. Please let others have the opportunity to discuss other topics besides yours.

  • Hi Satwar. I must apologize for my behaviour. I get so carried away when I read about all the time wasted on medications and diets and searching for that elusive cure, when we already know about something that will reverse the symptoms of Pd. But because exercise does not put money into the pockets of the vested interests we get deviated onto things that do.

    Kind regards


  • I read a lot about this disease. I have seen the information about the current belief that the illness originates in the gut. If you asked me in the last few years if I had ever had a problem with constipation, I would have said "no", but that problem came up in the last few days. I know I changed my eating habits by increasing my use of potatoes and not eating as many healthy grain and beans. I will change that and see what happens. I have also read that peppers are in the same category as tobacco so I will increase those as well.

    I don't believe there is a possible solution that will come out of proving someone else is wrong. We are all in this together, whether we have Parkinson's or not. I believe in looking for what works and eliminating the judgments.

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