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Plant extracts for PD

I've ordered the following extracts from China, generally $100 to $200 per kg. The doses I want to simulate from the research in mice and rats pretty much requires extracts instead of whole foods. 20 tangerines and 5 apples a day is not reasonable.

The epidemiological evidence is strongest for >1 apple per day, >5 cups of coffee, and >1 pack of cigarettes, with even stronger effects if the last 2 are doubled.

The compounds in parenthesis below have been tested with good results in PD animal models and the last two were good in epidemiological studies for everyone. For some reason, women did not seem to be protected from PD as a result of citrus intake.

Men only:

tangerine peel extract (10:1 concentration, estimated 20% nobiletin, 7% tangeretin, 50% hesperidin)

bitter orange peel extract (10% naringin, 30% hesperidin)

apple extract (80% polyphenols, ursolic acid)

Men and women:

blueberry or bilberry extract (25% anthocyanodins)

Grape seed, green tea, and black tea extracts can be added to this list with equal or greater effects in prevention of PD and protection in PD animal models, and they are also known to be absorbed and cross the human blood brain barrier.

This is not a complete list. There is also ginseng, ginkgo, broccoli, and pomegranate with research into PD. Ginkgo seems to have the weakest evidence.

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I'm hoping you're not SERIOUSLY going to chase after any herb that hints of any possible benefit in any study (on mice no less) in hopes of replicating the purported results (which may or may not transfer to human subjects - both men and women). Not only would the task consume your every waking hour spinning wheels that very likely lead nowhere, I fear that the effects such a monumental undertaking would have on your health in general could be more grave than the condition you're trying to remedy.

(If you're determined, however, you may wish to chase your tangerine/fruit extracts with some Chinese rhizomes: )


It only took two days work to discover and get the ingredients, and they are supported not only by multiple animal models of PD, but in multiple epidemiological studies in people. They are also known to be very healthy for you, and are strongly associated with less cancer and a better functioning brain.

The mouse model you've recommended was for AD, not PD, although is purported to be good for the brain in general. It was injected instead of orally administered and they replaced one ingredient to prevent kidney damage. I do not know how their extraction and injection method compares with drinking it as a tea. It was concocted in the 1600's and in some sense that is its epidemiological evidence.


I am a coffee addict of many years' standing and wolf down 3 or 4 baskets of blueberries a week. A fruitaholic, I also put away a fair amount of apples. I always keep a pitcher of iced tea in the fridge which I make with black tea. I go through a quart in two days or so. And here I am in the PD pickle! I guess I should have taken up smoking! Sigh. True, I didn't take the extracts (although I do take turmeric extract). Maybe that's why I didn't get the prophylactic benefits?


Only strawberries and blueberries were found to help women (I mistakenly thought it included apples) in this study link below. See the last table for some specific foods.

But the black tea and blueberries should have helped. Maybe it delayed it a few years. No exercise?


That's a sore subject -- sore in the knees, that is. A relic from my first career in dance. :-(

In the past few years, my unwilling knees have reduced the vigor I'm able to apply to exercise. I do what I can though -- aerobic exercise 30-40 minutes 3 to 5 days a week. I also do yoga and tai chi daily, although those offer a different kind of benefit.

I also get this screwy thing when I walk more than a couple blocks. I get a pain like a vice clamp in the back of my head.

I'd sure like to find some kind of aerobic exercise that is not weight-bearing on the knees. I see these low-impact videos online and they sure don't look very aerobic!

Any suggestions?


Swimming and reclining bicycle for going easy on the knees. I also have a pain that seems to be in my left vestibular (inner ear) area. It almost never goes away.


What great suggestions!! Thanks, Zawy. Much appreciated.


Sorry but i have to tell you all my feelings and from study and experience there are two places i would not eat from no 1 is the US and no 2 is China. If you wish to know why i can expand on this statement.


With all these extracts of peels, it is highly possible there could be serious pesticide contamination which carries the highest correlation with PD. However, the methods of extraction are focused on specific compounds that hopefully extract differently than the pesticides.

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