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I have had problems with digestion. After a test I was told it was low stomach acid and was put on hydrochloride and pepsin. Has anyone else had this problem? I don't feel a lot better yet but maybe it takes times. As we age we don't have as much acid although we are usually given meds that decrease it even more. If you are having problems you might want to have the stomach acid checked.

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From what ive read parknsons sufferers usually produce more acid ,I assume this is due to slower digestion constipation being another indicator of sluggish digestion.What was the test and what were your problems .Your not much improved,how long is it since you began treatment.Do you have any new symptoms. Was a dietician involved,was any advice given about changing your diet. Sorry lots of question ,but they need to be asked for you to get an informed answer.


The test is called Heidelberg ph gastrogram. Results showed stomach acid was to low and digestion was too slow. The test is easy you shallow a pill with a radio transmitter in the top then sit there for 2-3 hours. Info is transmitted to a receiver that is hung around your neck. I was having problems burping and very uncomfortable feeling in stomach, although no pain. Diet is important lots of fruits and veggies. Meat was a problem for me to digest. I started on 1 betaine hydrochloride capsule with pepsin before meal and 2 digestion enzymes after 3x day. Then add one extra pill until you are up to 6. Could take a long time. I had a problem tolerating the HDL so I have come off it and will start again in a few days. here is a lot of info on the internet about the test and HDL treatment. Sometimes we are prescribed nexium or something like it when it may not be treating low acid but to much acid which you probably don't have. Hope this helps.


Have we become dependent on medicine do we expect it to fix us.

Our bodies send out an alert call,perhaps a minor distress signal.

Lets call it a discomfort.[burb or bloat]

Is it a warning,telling you dont do that or eat that I dint like it.

So what do we do,we go for a test to discover whats wrong.The result offers a remedy that allows you to continue commiting the crime without rehabilitation

There are various inbuilt mechanistic responses to which your body responds without hesitation .These are your inbuilt emergency services and include ‘fight or flight’and ‘shock’.

The body also has response mechanisms more subtle than this.

Indigestion is one.You eat to much or the wrong thing,weve all done this.

So you swallow antacid to relieve the problem youve created.

If you crashed your car at the same spot every day would you keep patching it up or try an alternative route

80% of our dopamine cells are dead or not functioning before the symptoms challenge our lives.Should we have noticed,did we ignore something and as a consequence did our bodies shut down dopamine or minimise production because they ran out of options.


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